Fire Services

  • Course Descriptions

    Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

    The pre-requisite for all other courses within the Career Cluster.This course provides students with career-focused educational opportunities in various LPSCS fields. It examines the basic concepts of law related to citizens’ rights and the responsibilities, and students will receive instruction in critical skill areas including: communication with diverse groups, conflict resolution, ethics, CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Training, or similar program), basic firefighting, report writing, terrorism, civil and criminal law. Career planning and employability skills will be emphasized.

    Essentials of Fire and Emergency Services

    This course addresses the essential components needed for fire and emergency services. Students will be prepared for their third-course options that include the following: firefighting, emergency medical responder, and public safety communications. Students will explore career options, interagency communications, medical services, and basic firefighting standards. The prerequisites for this course are Introduction to Law, Public Safety and Corrections and Security.

    Applications of Fire Fighting

    This course, along with the prerequisite courses, is designed to meet the requirements of NFPA® 1001, Fire Fighter I. After completing this course, the student will be able to sit for the exam to certify as a Firefighter I per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA®) 1001, Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications. This course is also based on the Basic Firefighting Training Program from the GA Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC). GPSTC has teacher-trainer resources (including skill sheets for those that are required) and recommended text. The prerequisites for this course are Introduction to Law, Public Safety Corrections and Security, and Essentials of Fire and Emergency Services.