• Fun @ Pharr

  • Chorus

    Chorus Club 

    Grades: 4 & 5

    Mission/Purpose: In Chorus, students will work to improve their singing skills and learn how to sing in a group.

    Description: Chorus - weekly rehearsals from August until December; 1 concert in December.

    Advisor: Mrs. Smith

  • Dainty Butterflies and Pelican Prince Etiquette Club

    Dainty Butterflies and Pelican Prince Etiquette Club

    Grades: K - 5

    Mission/Purpose: The Dainty Butterflies and Pelican Prince Etiquette Club is passionate about empowering children with proper etiquette, manners, confidence, self-esteem, poise, leadership skills, communication skills, integrity, and character. The mission is to empower them with social etiquette, dining etiquette and business etiquette to prepare them for tomorrow, socially, and professionally.

    Description:  We will meet once per week on Tuesdays:

    • To model traditional and contemporary etiquette
    • To develop self-esteem and self-assurance
    • To model good body posture and poise
    • To teach proper dining etiquette
    • To instill the importance of respect for others and self-respect
    • To provide vital and valuable lessons in manners
    • To provide activities that enhance communication skills
    • To promote the importance of first impression and lasting impression


    We will have:

     Fine Dining in December (Limousine Ride to the Restaurant)

     Tea Party in the Spring

     Advisor: Mrs. Allen, Ms. Madden, Mr. Hall


  • Garden Club

    Grades: 3-5

    Garden Club meets on Fridays from 7:40am-8:20am. Participants must apply as there are only a certain number of spots open. 

    Mission/ Purpose: To teach students about gardening and provide the classrooms with learning opportunities in the garden. Our school's community service project is to provide fresh vegetables to families in need in our community.

    Description: Students will meet each week to learn about and work in our garden.  Students will also help the Co-op by providing vegetables for families in need within our community. They will present to parents and visitors on Garden Night to share their learned knowledge.

    Advisers:  Mr. Jurick &  Mrs. Moore

  • Multicultural Club

    Multicultural Club 

    Grades: 3, 4 & 5

    Mission/Purpose: The mission of the Multicultural Club is to promote inclusivity through promoting open-mindedness and acceptance of students of different cultures and backgrounds. 

    Description: Any student is welcome to join! Throughout the year, students will learn about various cultures. This club will provide a fun way for students to connect and bond within and beyond their group. Students will be involved in a craft/activity that is specific and appropriate to the heritage/culture we are learning at the time. 

    Advisor: Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Te

  • Ram Readers

    Ram Readers

    Grades: 4 & 5

    Mission/Purpose: The mission is to promote the joy of reading through friendly competition.

    Description: Compete in reading comprehension quizzes and games as well as the Readers Rally Competition, which will be held on: TBA, at Peachtree Ridge High School.

    Advisors: Mrs. Bacon, Mrs. Watkins

  • Rambotics


    Grades: 4 & 5

    Mission/Purpose: To have a competitive team for First Lego League tournaments and help students learn and practice problem solving, robot building and coding in an exciting environment.

    Descriptions: Once selected, team members learn to build and code a Lego SPIKE Prime robot and run missions to prepare for the FLL Tournament. We also research and develop a solution to a real-world problem associated with the FLL theme for the year's tournaments. Then, we create and practice a presentation to present to the judges.

    Advisors: Shawn Freeman & Shane Harrison

  • Stem Gems

    STEM Gems Club 

    Grades: 4 & 5

    Mission/Purpose: Our mission is to give girls and young women role models in STEM and open their eyes to a world of opportunity. 

    Description: STEM Gems are short discovery-based experiences. They involve little or no materials. Each STEM Gem is designed to engage young people in active experiential learning. 

    Advisor: Mrs. Alston, Mrs. Brown

  • Student Council & Safety Patrol

    Grades: 4 - 5

    Mission/Purpose:  The purpose of the Student Council & Safety Patrol is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. 

    Description:  The Student Council is organized very much like the faculty/staff SIT Council. Each member of the Student Council represents his/her classroom along with another classroom in grades 4-5. Decisions are made through consensus. There are no elected positions in the Student Council. Each classroom will have two representatives. One representative is appointed by the teachers and one representative is elected by his/her peers. Elected representatives must apply to be on the Student Council. Applications will be available in late August.

    Advisor: Mrs. Moore

  • Volleyball Club

    Volleyball Club 

    Grades: 4 & 5

    Mission/Purpose: To teach our fabulous 4th and 5th graders about the game of volleyball. 

    Description: Students will learn the volleyball skills of serving, passing, setting and hitting. They will learn the rules of the game and have an opportunity to practice the skills and be on the court. 

    Advisor: Mrs. Pruitt