Information Support Services and Game Design

  • This information technology program is ideal for students with a passion to work with computing technology and video game platforms.

    Students will have an opportunity to interact in an in-depth way with the knowledge of hardware, networking, software, and security skills required for the high paying jobs in the computing technology field.

    Taught from an industry perspective in a non-traditional classroom environment, you will be engaged in interactive project-based learning activities and a modern online certification curriculum. This program covers computer hardware, software, networking, operating systems, cyber-security standards, databases, Internetworking, and important social, ethical, and legal issues surrounding information technology.

    Game Design supports a creative understanding of programming, gameplay, and platform structure.

    Students will gain knowledge of the fundamental principles used at every stage of the game creation process. The program embeds the computer science course of Game Design: Animation and Simulation as a fourth-year science for graduation and college admittance. Students learn programming in C# and game development through working with the Unity real-time development platform.


    Dual Enrollment

     Gwinnett Tech Dual Enrollment logo

    The Dual Enrollment program provides eligible students opportunities to earn both high school and college credit while studying at Grayson Tech. First semester students will take the college-level course CIST 1001 Computer Concepts. This course covers the fundamentals of processing, security, industry ethics, hardware operation, networking, the Internet, design concepts, and software at a rigorous college level. Students will be required to have passed a college entrance exam such as the ACCUPLACER, ACT, SAT, or PSAT to qualify for credit.


    Industry Certifications and Credentials Offered

    • TestOut:  IT Fundamentals
    • Test Out:  PC Pro
    • Microsoft Technology Associate:  98-367 Security Fundamentals
    • Unity Certified Associate (Game Design pathway completers)




Degrees and Certifications:

Ray Parsons

Raymond Parsons is the Information Support Services and Game Design Instructor at Grayson Tech. He received his Bachelors degree from Ball State University, and Masters degree from The University of Georgia. Mr. Parsons has taught information technology, computer programming, robotics, and business technology courses in Gwinnett high schools starting in 2006. He has sponsored student career and technology clubs (SkillsUSA and FIRST, VEX, and BEST robotics) where students reached the region, state, and international competition levels.

With work experience of over twenty years in product technology, marketing, and sales development, Mr. Parsons encourages students to problem solve and build employability skills. Students are challenged to think creatively and look for market opportunities with their emerging knowledge, new relationships, and innovations.

Student working on the inner parts of a computer
  • Skills Learned

    • Computing System Diagnostics
    • Hardware Selection & Upgrade
    • Networking Equipment & Architecture
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • WiFi Implementation & Security
    • Security & Threat Prevention
    • C# and SQL Languages
    • Game and Video Simulations

  • Daily Activities

    • Industry Certification Training
    • Networking and WiFi Installation
    • Software & App Installation
    • Career Job Shadowing
    • Security & Malware Protection
    • IT Labs & Simulations
    • Game Creation & Testing

  • Program Accolades

    SkillsUSA Region Champion - Information Technology Services 2020

    SkillsUSA State Champion - Information Technology Services 2018

    SkillsUSA State Champion - Information Technology Services 2019

    SkillsUSA State Champion - Computer Programming 2008

    SkillsUSA State Champion - Computer Programming 2009

    SkillsUSA State Champion - Computer Programming 2018

    SkillsUSA State Champion - Computer Programming 2019

    SkillsUSA State Champion - PowerPoint 2018

    SkillsUSA State Champion - Interactive Application and Video Game Development 2017

  • Careers

    • Game Developer
    • Computer Technician
    • Network Technician or Administrator
    • Programmer / App Developer
    • System Support Specialist
    • Hardware Engineer
    • Systems Architect
    • Software Engineering

  • Colleges and Universities

    • Gwinnett Technical College
    • Georgia Gwinnett College
    • Georgia Institute of Technology
    • University of Georgia 
    • Georgia State University
    • Georgia Southern University
    • Kennesaw State University

Students working on the inner parts of a computer