Readers Rally

  • What is Readers Rally?

    Readers Rally is a quiz bowl style competition for Gwinnett County students in grades four through twelve who love to read. Middle school students read books from a list of ten books that were selected by a committee of Gwinnett media specialists and parents. At the Readers Rally event, Gwinnett schools compete against each other in a quiz bowl format, answering questions about the ten books.  The 2022 Gwinnnett County Readers Rally event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 26th at Peachtree Ridge High School.


  • 2021-22 Readers Rally List

  • Focused cover


    by Alyson Gerber Year Published: 2019 Realistic

    Twelve-year-old Clea wants to do her homework, follow instructions, pay attention in school, and play chess on the school team, but somehow she cannot focus on whatever is in front of her, and the other kids at school are starting to notice and make fun of her; when her worried parents take her to be tested she finds out that she has ADHD (only without the hyperactivity)--and with help from the psychiatrist who seems to really understand her, she is determined to learn how to focus.

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  • Frozen Charlotte cover

    Frozen Charlotte

    by Alex Bell Year Published: 2014 Scary

    The haunting starts even before Sophie arrives on the Isle of Skye to spend the summer with her cousins, but when she arrives she finds a house haunted by the ghost of a girl who attended school there a hundred years ago, as well as cousin Rebecca who died young and is never mentioned by her family--and she must somehow solve the mystery of the frozen Charlotte dolls before the whole family is destroyed.

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  • Harbor Me cover

    Harbor Me

    by Jacqueline Woodson Year Published: 2018 Realistic

    When six students are chosen to participate in a weekly talk with no adults allowed, they discover that when they're together, it's safe to share the hopes and fears they have to hide from the rest of the world.

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  • Lost Boys cover

    Lost Boys

    by Darcey Rosenblatt Year Published: 2017 Historical fiction

    In 1982 Iran, twelve-year-old Reza is more interested in music than war, but enlists in obedience to his devout mother and soon finds himself in a prison camp in Iraq.

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  • Coyote Sunrise cover

    The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

    by Dan Gemeinhart Year Published: 2019 Realistic

    Twelve-year-old Coyote and her father rush to Poplin Springs, Washington, in their old school bus to save a memory box buried in a park that will soon be demolished.

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  • Seafire cover


    by Natalie Parker Year Published: 2018 Adventure

    Follows Caledonia Styx, captain of her own ship, the Mors Navis, and its all-female crew as they strive to defeat the powerful fleet of Aric Athair, the vicious warlord who has taken their homes and families.

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  • Slacker cover


    by Gordon Korman Year Published: 2017 Realistic

    When eighth-grader Cameron Boxer creates the Positive Action Group at school he intends it as a diversion to fool his parents, teachers, and sister into letting him continue to concentrate on his video-gaming--but before he knows it other kids are taking it seriously, and soon he finds himself president of the P.A.G., and involved in community service, so the boy who never cared about anything is now the center of everything, whether he likes it or not.

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  •  Steelheart cover


    by Brandon Sanderson Year Published: 2013 Science fiction

    At age eight, David watched as his father was killed by an Epic, a human with superhuman powers, and now, ten years later, he joins the Reckoners--the only people who are trying to kill the Epics and end their tyranny.

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  •  Story Collector cover

    The Story Collector

    by Kristin Tubb Year Published: 2018 Mystery

    A fictional account of eleven-year-old Viviani Joffre Fedeler, who was born and raised in the New York Public Library, and her older brothers and best friend Eva, who all try and find out if the library is haunted.

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  •  Traitor's Game cover

    Traitor's Game

    by Jennifer Nielsen Year Published: 2018 Fantasy

    After three years in exile Kestra Dallisor has been summoned back to Antora by her father, right-hand man of the seemingly immortal king, Lord Endrick.  She is intercepted and kidnapped by the Coracks who want to use her to get the Olden Blade, which they believe can be used to kill the despot.  Simon, one of the rebels with his own grudge against the Dallisors, is assigned to accompany her, but Kestra has her own plans and she does not intend to let anyone get in her way.

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