• Prom Announcement
  • Junior Dues Information

    Your junior dues pay for prom and other junior class events.
    This means if you do NOT pay your junior dues, the venue for prom your senior year will reflect this.

    Prom will take place April 11th at the Atlanta Biltmore. Prom tickets are free for all juniors and seniors who have paid their junior dues. For individuals who have not paid their dues, prom tickets are $130. 
    Current Juniors
    Dues are $100 until January 31st.
    After January 31st, dues are $130.

    *Seniors and juniors who paid their junior dues will not have to pay for their prom ticket. 

    Guests pay $65 for their prom ticket. 
    SHS Juniors and Seniors who have not paid dues pay $130 for their prom ticket.


    • Only students in the computer as an eleventh grader can pay through the website. If you are a 10th grader as a guest to a junior or senior, you do not have to pay prom dues until your junior year.

    Attention Seniors

    If you are a senior who did not pay prom dues last year, dues are $130 until January 31st and $150 after the 31st. 

    • You cannot attend prom without paying your junior dues.
    • You must see Ms. Pitts in B-52.


    If I paid my senior dues, but not my junior dues, I can attend prom? No. You can only attend prom if your junior dues have been paid.

    If I don't pay my dues, I can go as a date? No... if you are a Shiloh High Junior or Senior, you must pay your junior dues to attend prom.