Attendance Procedures

  • Dear Parents and Students,

    Grayson High School encourages good attendance for academic growth and success. Remember our focus is Teaching and Learning. All students are expected to be in class on time and ready to learn. Students who are not in class will receive major consequences for failing to comply with our attendance policies. We understand that good attendance correlates strongly and effectively with higher grades in school. This communication is important to school culture and climate for academic and behavioral excellence.
    When students are NOT in the classroom they are not learning and can become a danger to themselves and others.

    Parent/student Tip for success - please read pages 18 - 21 in the student handbook related to attendance, tardies, and aWOLS.

    Here are 5 important things to know about attendance at Grayson High School:

    1. Students who are AWOL at Grayson HS will be placed immediately in ISS when discovered.

    2. Students who are on Permissive Transfer MUST NOT have excessive tardies and/or absences. These violations could result into immediate revoking of their permissive transfer.

    3. Students who are in extracurricular activities such as sports, band, choir, leadership clubs, and fine arts productions, etc... will be reported to their coach, mentor, and sponsor for poor attendance patterns/ behaviors. These actions could result into failure to participate in the activity/ game that day and/or week.

    4. Students with excessive tardies and/or absences will have their PARKING PASS privileges revoked.

    5. Students in trailer classes must move swiftly to their classes during the school day.

    Thank you again stakeholders for supporting the overall school climate and culture of Grayson High School for exceptional academics. Have a wonderful 2019 - 2020 school year.


    On the day a student returns to school, he/she is to bring a note signed by his/her parent or guardian explaining the absence from school to the attendance office. The note should include the date, reason, parent signature, and phone number. Notes must be received within 2 days of the absence, after that professional documentation is needed. A doctor’s note is required after ten (10) parent notes. Please keep in mind absent notes that vaguely reference family emergency will not be excused. Also, if a student is out more than three consecutive days, a doctor’s note is required. Doctor offices and parents can fax the documentation to the attendance office (678) 442-5361.  Parents can also email excuses (both professional and parent) to and

    Georgia State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-10 defines the following absences as excused:

    • Personal Illness
    • A serious illness or death in a student’s immediate family
    • Court order or an order by a government agency
    • Observing religious holidays
    • Visitation with a parent prior to or during leave from deployment to a combat zone or combat support posting as a member of the armed forces of the U.S. or the National Guard


    Students are considered tardy if they arrive to school or class after the designated late bell has sounded. All tardy students are to report to the attendance office. Attendance personnel will classify the tardy excused or unexcused and issue a pass to class. Please keep in mind tardy notes that vaguely reference family emergency will not be excused.  After six excused tardies to school, students must bring a doctor’s note or the tardies will be unexcused and the student will receive appropriate consequences. A student with excessive tardies may have his/her parking privileges revoked at any time. 

    Check Out Procedures

    All check outs are handled through the attendance office. Please bring a picture i.d., and state the reason for the check out. Office personnel will determine if the checkout is excused. Doctor notes will be required to check back in if the student is checked out for a doctor’s appointment. After a student has accumulated six (6) check outs per semester, a doctor’s note is required or the checkout will be unexcused. Please remember outside food from restaurants are not allowed to be brought back into the lunchroom or classroom. No student may be checked out after 1:45 pm. or on final exam days.

    Early Dismissal Check Out Procedures

    Parents come to the attendance office window to check students out.  We will ask for your ID and the reason the student is leaving. The person checking student out MUST be on the emergency contact list. Students will not be released if they are not.

    In order to expedite check outs for students that drive, parents are encouraged to prearrange early dismissal.

    1. Parents, please send an email to: and by 7:45 a.m. requesting a student check out.  The email should include student’s name, time they need to leave, reason for leaving and your contact information.  You can also fax over a note with a copy of your driver's license.  The fax number is 678-442-5361.  The attendance office phone number is 770-554-1088.

    2. A prearranged check out slip will be given to the student indicating the time of day that they need to report to the attendance office for check out. All students must come by the attendance office before leaving campus.

    Prearranged Absences

    If it is necessary for students to miss school, and they know in advance, they should fill out a pre-arranged absence form. They can obtain this form in the Attendance Office and should do this at least three or more days in advance. They should complete the form and have it signed by a parent and all their teachers. They will return the form to the Attendance Office for the administrator to sign. The absence will be recorded as excused or unexcused according to state guidelines.

    College Visits

    It is best for students to choose to visit colleges during the weekend or summer and not to miss a school day for a college visit. If a junior or senior must go to a college during a school day, they will need to show proof of the college visit upon their return. Please ask for a note on the college letterhead or a brochure. Excused college visits are limited to three (3) per school year.

    Extracurricular Events Policy

    A student must be present for half the school day (7:15-10:30 am or 10:30 am-2:10 pm) to participate in an extracurricular event after school or that evening. This includes practices, productions, athletic events, etc. In order to participate in an event that is held on the weekend, a student must be present for half the day on Friday prior to the weekend.

    Certificate of Enrollment

    For students wishing to receive their driver's license, the Certificate of Enrollment and replacement ADAP certificates can be obtained in the following ways:

    Certificate of Enrollment

    There is a $3.00 fee for the Certificate of Enrollment needed for DDS.

    1. Visit MyPaymentsPlus
    2. Select the Activities and Events tab.
    3. Select School Fees, Certificate of Enrollment.

    Once you have made the purchase, take a screenshot of your receipt.  You or your student can bring the screenshot of the receipt to the attendance office before school, during lunch, or after school.

    ADAP Certificate

    Students receive an ADAP Certificate upon completion of the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program in Health class. If a second copy is needed, this Certificate can be requested from the Attendance Office at no charge. Please allow one day for processing this request.