Digital Citizenship

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    The information shared on this page comes from the Gwinnett County Public Schools Instructional Support Center and shared monthly with students as part of the system-wide Digital Citizenship campaign. The videos and information are directed toward the students but the knowledge can be gained by all. The high school digital short videos feature two (2) of Lanier's very own students!

Digital Photos - A Digital Shorts Video

Digitally Manipulated Photos

    • Digital photos can be manipulated to change what is in the photo or how it looks
    • It can be hard to tell if a photo has been manipulated
    • They can be deceiving- mislead you to believe something is true that isn’t
    • Celebrity photos are often times manipulated. Comparing yourself to manipulated photos can make you feel bad about yourself because it’s an unrealistic expectation of what people look like.
    • It’s increasingly difficult to figure out what’s real and fake online- from news to images
    • Digitally manipulated photos are not limited to people- charts, graphs, and other images can be altered as well.
    • Digitally manipulating photos can be fun and a way to express yourself creatively.

Internet Safety Documents

Discount Internet Services

  • We know how important it is for students to have internet access when they are away from school. Many students rely on free WiFi from libraries, restaurants, and other public spaces. Low-income families may also qualify for discounted rates on home internet service from AT&T and Comcast. Please visit the following links to learn more and to apply.

    AT&T Access Program (based on qualification for SNAP benefits)
    Comcast Internet Essentials Program (based on Free or Reduced school lunch benefits)
    Spectrum Internet Assist Program (based on Free or Reduced school lunch benefits)