Community Service

  • Guidelines for Service Hours

    • It is the student's responsibility to reach out to non-profit organizations, school clubs, or other organizations to find community service opportunities.
    • Performances for school or other extra-curricular activities cannot be counted toward your hours.  However, performances for special groups such as nursing home or hospital would count.
    • To receive a community service cord for graduation, students must obtain 40 hours each year they are a student at Grayson.
    • Service logs must be completed and turned in by March 3rd in order to receive recognition (turn in to clerk at the reception desk in the front lobby).
    • Community Service logs must be filled out completely, dated, and signed by the appropriate supervisor for each hour listed.

Recognition and Awards

  • 20-39 Hours

    • Certificate at Fall Awards Night

    40+ Hours (per year)

    • Certificate at Fall Awards Night
    • Community Service patch for letter jacket (or bar for additional years)
    • Graduation cord - if met each year
  • After I turn in my community service log in March, when can I get a new log for the following school year?

    New logs will be available after spring break. Any hours completed from the date the previous log was turned in can be added to the next school year log. Community service hours for each school year run from mid March to mid March.

  • If I exceed my hours for the school year, can I save some hours and add them to the next school year log?

    No, any hours used on the log must be completed during the date range of the log.

  • If I transfer to Grayson from another school, am I still eligible to earn a graduation cord for 4 full years of service?

    Yes, but you will need to show proof of service hours from your previous school. If you school did not offer community service you will need to complete 160 hours during the time you are enrolled at Grayson High School.

  • If I do not turn in a log my 9th and 10th grade year, can I still get a cord if I accumulate a total of 160 hours during my junior and senior years?

    No, you must have 40 each year. The only exception is if you miss one year of not completing the log then you can make up the 40 hours across the other 3 years of high school.

  • Questions? See Mrs. Horton - 1.532