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  • Student of the Month

  • August 2019

    Malia-Lynn Deveas - At the beginning of the school year, during lunch, I asked Malia to invite another student to have lunch with her group.  Malia did not hesitate and now they have a larger lunch group!  She is respectful, outgoing, friendly, and kind.  She is also a good citizen and student.

    Deborah Kanu - Deborah's work ethic speaks for her grades.  She walks in everyday eager to learn and influences her classmates to do the same.  Deborah can often be caught doing something great, such as collaborating with others, explaining an assignment, or involved in an in-depth discussion about the topic of the day.  She is great even when no one is watching.  She is the epitome of a model student.  She IS WONDERful!

    Cameron Hutchins - Cameron is a student who is deeply curious about psychology.  She is engaged in our studies - asking questions and going outside the classroom to find answers.  She is excited to bring her findings to the class and share them with other students.  It is this level of inquiry and interest that makes Cameron a delight to work with.

    Ivan Montesinos - Ivan is a positive light for all of our students and staff.  He is selfless and compassionate, always striving to serve others.  Ivan has already proven to be a strong leader in the building and jumps at any opportunity to explore the WONDER of McClure and beyond!

  • September 2019

    Isaiah Marshall - Isaiah holds the door open for all of our students as they come into the building each morning and makes sure the flags are raised.  He helps at lunch time to ensure that our building stays nice.  At the end of the day, he assists in retiring the colors (taking the flags down) at the end of the school day.  Isaiah is respectful, helpful and supportive.

    Kali Lotankar - Kali has been awesome!  She is very involved and committed to helping out and sharing ideas in any way possible.  She has also been an intricate part of our student council and even stepped up to be a part of the Speech competition at District Rally.  Kali is truly part of what makes our PULSE culture so awesome!

    Ezequiel Urdaneta Hernandez - Ezequiel always comes into class with a positive attitude.  He helps his classmates each day in class and works well with others.  He is willing to think critically and persevere even when an assignment or reading is difficult for him at first.  Ezequiel is very engaged in class on a regular basis.

    Yesenia Lopez - Yesenia comes to class every day prepared and ready to learn.  Although she is quiet in class, her written work shows her understanding of the readings and material.  She always has a beautiful smile on her face and greets me every time I see her in the hallways.  I appreciate her hard work and effort in my class!

  • Teacher of the Month

  • August 2019

    Ms. Chyann Hector

    Chyann has been such an amazing asset to the Language Arts team.  She is always so positive to her students and her fellow co-workers.  She works hard every day to ensure she has relevant and meaningful lessons for her students.  I love how she started off the school year with allowing students the opportunity to make the class rules and expectations giving students a voice and a choice.  I have seen how much her students respect her and enjoy being in her class.

    Chyann is constantly going above and beyond for her students.  She comes up with engaging and impactful lessons and is always looking for ways to improve and collaborate.  She tackles difficulty with the grit that we should all aspire to have, exemplifying the growth mindset that she teaches her students.

    Ms. Hector is always bringing the wonder to her classroom and to her colleagues.  Ms. Hector has brought so much to my teaching in the small time that we have been working together.  Her passion for teaching is contagious!  She is a WONDERful addition to our team.

    Ms. Hector is constantly working to improve the instruction that she gives to the students.  She has been a great help to the 10th grade PLC and has lots of fun, engaging ideas.

  • September 2019

    Katie Kangas is awesome!  She has a great way of getting students to meet her high expectations.  She knows how to break down the content to students for them to be successful.  She is always so positive and makes me laugh regularly at her creativity.

    Mrs. Kangas makes my day better just knowing I will be working with her.  I love talking with Katie because she is always positive and willing to help!  I have enjoyed working with her for several years!  She is an awesome teacher and colleague.

    Katie Kangas is a true leader and leads by example for the students and staff.  She is willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to ensure all students are successful!