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    MMS Technology Vision Statement

    McConnell Middle School will be a school where technology is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of school business. We shall strive for solutions which are woven so tightly into the fabric of learning that the technology itself is largely invisible. All course content will be well organized and made available online through D2L and/or Google Classroom to the extent that a student would be able to keep up with coursework even if physical attendance was not possible. Teachers will instruct, assess and grade students using appropriate technology which has been custom tailored by and for the teachers themselves rather than settle for easy, off-the-shelf solutions. The expectations for staff and for the technology they use, shall be of the highest order.


    There has been a lot of talk about class flipping in the press and around the school. I'm a believer in this concept. And the statistics seem to be favoring this technique as well. So what is it?:

    • Take the "passive listener" portions of your class and capture them.
    • Make these "static" lectures available to your students outside of class.
    • Use class time to work on what you might have assigned as homework.
    • Students, generally, will have more questions raised by the lecture after having a night to "sleep on what they have learned". 
    • You will have far more time to address these questions.
    • You may even find the time to address the content at a new depth.