• Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

    The information on this page reflects the Clubs and Activities from the 2019-2020 school year, prior to the switch to Virtual Instruction in March 2020.

    While we are still experiencing shifts in learning environments as well as remaining mindful of health and safety concerns, we are not yet able to solidify this information for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Check Back for Updates

  • Boy's Mentoring Program

    Studies show that successful mentoring programs help students develop social skills, improve their school achievement and graduation rates, build character, and many other benefits.  While school counselors, teachers, and family members all play a role in keeping students in school and learning, the involvement of a community mentor can make a meaningful connection. GCPS has proactively developed a Community-Based Mentoring program to connect caring adults in the community with male students in grades 5 through 12 to provide guidance, encouragement, and support to help them become successful young adults, both in and out of school. 

    The Rosebud Boys' Mentoring Program is open to 5th graders and meets twice a month on Wednesdays after school.

    Advisors: Mr. Graham and Mr. Vernet

  • Care Club

    The Rosebud Care Club is open to grades 4 and 5 only. Every month students will have specific duties. Students will assist teachers with classroom activities, club events, planning evening programs and activities,, assist lower grade levels, self-contained, and Pre-K classrooms.

    Applications are being accepted 8/26/19 to 9/8/19

    Members announced 9/13/19

    Meeting Date: September 18, 2019

    Advisors: Ms. Gibbs and Ms. Squires

  • Chorus

    The Rosebud Chorus is for students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Students will learn songs for performances at the school and community events.

    Meeting Dates: Chorus for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will begin on Friday, August 30, 2019 and every Friday thereafter.

    Meeting Times: 7:15 AM – 7:45 AM

    Advisor: Ms. Danser

  • Drama Club

    The Rosebud Drama Club allows students to express themselves creatively through acting, learning crew roles, and general preparations for a production. It also helps students to build self-confidence and to learn strategies for performing in front of an audience. It is open to students in grades 3-5 who are willing to use their talents cooperatively.

    Meeting Dates: August 20, 2019 and then every Tuesday thereafter

    Meeting Times: 7:00 AM – 7:45 AM

    Advisor: Ms. Hunter-White

  • Junior Beta Club

    Junior Beta Club is made up of 4th and 5th grade students who successfully completed the previous school year within a 90% average on Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies. It promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership and service.

    Meeting Dates: September 17th and then Tuesdays once per month.

    Meeting Times: 3:30 P.M. – 4:45 P.M

    Advisors: Ms. Gomes, Mr. Cox, Ms. Neetha, Ms. Sewell

  • Junior Chorus

    The Rosebud Junior Chorus is for students in grades 1 and 2. Students will learn songs for performances at the school and community events.

    Meeting Dates: August 14, 2019 and then every Wednesday thereafter

    Meeting Times: 7:00 AM – 7:45 AM

    Advisor: Ms. Hunter-White

  • Kids For Kids

    Kids for Kids is a club that engages children of all ages in activities that will make a difference in the lives of young patients being served at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The group spearheads several fun and engaging fundraising events throughout the year.

    Meeting Dates: September 10, 2019 and every 2nd Tuesday of every month

    Meeting Times: 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM

    Advisors: Mrs. Ritter and Ms. Squires

  • LEGO Robotics Club 

    LEGO Robotics is for students to participate in activities that enable them to build, program and test their own solutions based on real-life robotics technology and LEGOs. Club members will also have fun creating some brilliant designs while learning Computer Science, Science Technology, Engineering and Math through real-life problem solving.

    Meeting Dates: September 5, 2019 and then every Thursday thereafter

    Meeting Times: 7:00 AM – 7:45 AM

    Advisors: Mr. Coleman and Mr. Rivers

  • Movie Club

    This club is for 1st and 2nd Grade students. Movie club offers the opportunity for students to socialize and build character skills to include (initiative, intellectual engagement, open-mindedness, resilience, self-control, social awareness, and teamwork). The movie selections emphasize critical thinking, problem solving and positive growth development.

    The movie will start right after school for each meeting and the last meeting will include a trivia competition on the movies seen. Pick up will be no later than 5:15 P.M. Late pick up will disqualify students from further participation. Student will get permission slips for each movie that must be signed in order to attend. There will only be one opportunity to join the movie club (with the exception of new students). Participation is expected between 75-100 students.

    Meeting Dates: Begins in October; check calendar for upcoming dates

    Meeting Times: 3:15 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

    Advisors: Ms. A. Anderson and Ms. Gibbs

  • Our Girls Are Pearls

    Open to current 4th 5th graders, Our Girls Are Pearls provides a leadership program for elementary level girls to prepare themselves physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually for their transition from childhood to preteen. Membership eligibility includes application and teacher recommendation. Through their attendance at monthly meetings, the girls will experience a series of sessions that promote learning who they are as individuals, working as a team, solving problems through conflict resolution, understanding the importance of giving back to the community, and more. 

    Our Girls Are Pearls meets once a month from 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM, and annual membership dues are $15.00.

    Advisor: Ms. Dickson

  • Recorder Ensemble

    The Rosebud Recorder Ensemble is for students in grades 4 and 5 who will learn the beginning basics of playing the recorder instrument. Students will learn musical pieces for performances at the school and community events.

    Meeting Dates: October 17, 2019 and then every Thursday thereafter

    Meeting Times: 7:00 AM – 7:45 AM

    Advisor: Ms. Hunter-White

  • Student Council

    Student council is a group of students elected by their classmates to participate in school government. The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events, student council members contribute to school spirit and community welfare. The student council is the voice of the student body. 

    Meets 3:15 - 4:15 on the following dates: November 6, December 11, February 5, March 11, April 3, May 6

    Advisors: Ms. Ore and Mr. Manuel

  • Rosebud Robotics
    Rosebud Robotics named Group A Champions at Georgia FIRST® LEGO® League Regional Tournament