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    Procedures for Medications Given at School

    The school maintains a clinic for students. When students become ill or injured during the day, they should report it immediately to the teacher and request a pass to the clinic. Clinic workers will contact parents as situations require. For this reason, it is imperative that parents complete the student information sheet at the beginning of school that includes emergency phone numbers. Clinic workers supervise the administration of medications, take temperatures and administer emergency first aid when appropriate.

    Prescription Medications

    Taking medications during school hours is discouraged. Parents are asked to arrange medication schedules so that it is not necessary for medication to be taken at school. However, if the treating physician recommends such administration, then the parent must complete the Administration of Medication Request Form and bring the medication to the clinic. Prescription medications must be brought in by a parent/guardian in the original prescription container and must be housed in the clinic. Students may not have prescription medications in their possession or share these medications with others.

    Over-the-counter Medications

    Administering over-the-counter medications at school is discouraged. If a student must have a medication in order to attend school, the parent/guardian must fill out the administration of medication form and bring the medication to the clinic in the original container. Medication must be kept in the clinic in the original container. Students may not have over-the-counter medications in their possession and may not share medications of any kind with fellow students. 

    GCPS Medical Forms

    Contact Clinic Worker

    Danielle Rohrer


    (678) 639-3808

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    Flu Information and Preparedness Guide

    Be informed, prepared, healthy

    Gwinnett County Public Schools is working with the local Health Department to ensure that the school system is prepared to respond, if needed, to any public health crisis. However, officials say that it’s important for individuals to be informed and prepared as well. Click here to review GCPS’ Flu Information and Preparedness Guide. Below are additional resources recommended by the Health Department:

    • pandemicflu.gov – One-stop access to U.S. government avian and pandemic flu information, managed by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
    • getreadyforflu.org – A site of the American Public Health Association.
    • ready.gov – A national public service advertising campaign produced by The Advertising Council in partnership with Homeland Security.
    • Georgia Department of Public Health - Seasonal Flu (Influenza) – Resources from the Division of Public Health for the State of Georgia.
    • ready.gov/kids – A kid-friendly web site from the Ready website of the Department of Homeland Security.