• To our Families and Community Members:

    Parents Right To Know

    Parents have the right to request information about the degree and certification of their child’s teacher(s) and paraprofessional(s), if applicable.

    Mission Statement

    The goal of the South Gwinnett Title I Program is to ensure every child is able to learn and perform at levels that meet or exceed the state academic standards. The Title I federal funds we receive help to achieve this goal. These additional resources allow us to provide enhanced instructional programs for all students and the opportunity for parents to be involved in their children's education.

    Title I Program

    Title I is a federal program that provides funds to schools and districts based upon the percentage of students qualifying to receive free or reduced price (school) meals. The purpose is to ensure that all children have access to quality instruction and resources that will enable them to meet state academic standards. As a Title I school we also host workshops/trainings for parents that focus upon the academic needs of the students. While many of these workshops/trainings occur during daytime hours, others are held in the evenings. Additionally, these workshops/trainings are repeated, based upon attendance and parent requests. Interpreters (for Spanish speaking parents) and childcare are often available.

Contact Us

  • Title I Administrator

    Dr. Amy Edwards, Assistant Principal

    Contact Information
    Office: 770-982-4840

    Email: amy_edwards@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

    Title I Parent Center

    Marcia Credle, Parent Instructional Coordinator
    Room: Front Office
    Hours: 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Monday - Friday

    Contact Information
    Office: 770-972-4840
    Email: marcia_credle@gwinnett.k12.ga.us