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  • Cooper Chronicles (10-18-22)

    Good morning, Tigers.

    I wanted to remind you that our annual Trunk or Treat is scheduled for THIS SATURDAY, October 22, from 4-8 PM.  The theme this year is SUPER HEROES!

    We are looking for parents and community members to decorate their vehicles for this event... PTA will supply the candy!  It's a WIN-WIN :-) 

    TrunkorTreat Flyer.png 

    To register a TRUNK for the Trunk or Treat, email ulanc1st@gmail.com

    In addition to Trunk or Treat, we are doing a ONE DAY ONLY canned food/non-perishable food drive on Saturday.  This is a STREAK COMPETITION, so we'll see which streak will come out on top.  Last year the Isibindi Streak won the canned food drive.  All donated food items will be donated to our local food bank cooperative.  So, even if you are not able to stay for the Trunk or Treat, bring your canned food items by the school and help your streak SCORE a win.

    I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

    Be good!


  • Cooper Chronicles (10-15-22)

    Happy Saturday, Tigers.  I hope that you had an opportunity to enjoy a BEAUTIFUL fall day.

    Tomorrow, many of our student athletes will participate in the annual Gwinnett Football League Cheer-Off at the Gas South Arena. Our youngest girls will begin at 9:00, and our 5th grade girls will begin at 2:10. Please send good-will thoughts to our students and their teammates as they compete for top squad.

    We have recently added a new guidance counselor to our staff.  Mrs. Zola Delva joins Cooper ES after serving as an instructional clerk and upper grades teacher at Kanoheda Elementary School.  Mrs. Delva has already begun meeting our students and other staff members.  She joins our other two counselors, Mrs. Tran and Mrs. Bramel, to support our students and their families.

    This coming week will be very busy for us at Cooper ES... and many of you :-)  Remember, Wednesday and Thursday are EARLY RELEASE DAYS.  Students will begin to load buses at 12:50 on these days, so they'll be getting home more than two hours earlier than usual.  The EARLY RELEASE DAYS provide additional time for our teachers to have parent/teacher conferences for their students.  I hope you have had an opportunity to sign-up for a conference this week.  I'll send additional reminders on the two early release days.

    The proposed calendars for the 2023-2024 school year will be on display in the school's main hallway during conference week, along with a poster to collect your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.  Please take a few minutes while you are here to look at the calendars and leave your thoughts.  The school district is very responsive to constructive feedback provided by all of our stakeholders, so don't miss your chance to be heard.

    Cooper ES PTA is hosting their annual Trunk or Treat on Saturday, October 22 from 4-8 PM.  Dawn your costumes, come to the school, and get your candy buckets filled with the "first fruits" of Halloween.  

    School safety has always been my  primary responsibility.  Unfortunately, in this day and time we have to take school safety and security even more serious.  In addition to our monthly fire drills and annual tornado drills we are required to do, we also are required to practice HARD LOCKDOWNS with our students and staff.  This coming Tuesday, we will partner with our cluster School Resource Officers and conduct our first HARD LOCKDOWN DRILL for this school year.  Our faculty and staff will go into their protective posture, and the SROs will check our building and provide constructive feedback so we can improve our practices and procedures.  

    On a better note, Friday, October 21 is our next All Pro Dad meeting at 7:30 AM on the blacktop beside the gym.  It is so good to see our attendance numbers get back to pre-COVID levels, and always look to add more families to this wonderful group.

    I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Be safe, be good, and stay healthy!

    Your VERY PROUD and SOMEWHAT TIRED Principal.


  • Cooper Chronicles (10-5-22)

    Good day, Tigers.  I hope you have had a great week so far.

    Funny story... I was at the ball field last night when I overheard one of our parents say, "Are we out Monday for fall break, too?".  I realized then that I have not communicated that to you.  So, for those that may not know, Gwinnett County Public Schools will be closed for Fall Break beginning Thursday, October 6 - Monday, October 10.  Students return to school on Tuesday, October 11.  I know our faculty and staff have earned this break, and I hope that your family will enjoy the the break.

    Be sure to ask you child how our school is honoring Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15 - 10/15).  Each morning on the announcements, one of our fourth grade students tells the school about one of the books in our media center that exemplifies and/or honors people groups with Hispanic heritage.  The books often talk about overcoming obstacles and modeling empathy for the readers.

    Additionally, our classrooms had a chance to compete to be the first to recognize and submit the name of the country when a portion of the national anthem for that country was played on the announcements.  Also, many classes have gone on a scavenger hunt, exploring posters of Hispanic countries in North, South, and Latin America.  Finally, we have showcased historic figures in our country's history, as well as contemporary and world leaders that share their Hispanic heritage through our scrolling announcements throughout the school day.

    Now that my conscience is clear, and I feel relatively confident we won't have any children show up for the next few day, I wish you all a very safe, relaxing, and as-exciting-as-you-want-it break.

    Be safe in your travels!



  • Cooper Chronicles (9-30-22)

    Good afternoon, Tigers.  It looks like we avoided a majority of what Tropical Storm Ian was going to bring us this weekend, which hopefully means that your original weekend plans can work out.

    We've had a great week at Cooper ES.  It feels like we are finally getting into a groove with our instruction, our processes, and procedures.  I know we will continue to have distractions and bumps in the road from time to time, but we are well into the 2022-2023 school year and our kids and staff are doing amazing things.

    I had the opportunity to meet with the Cooper Elementary School Council this morning for our first meeting of the year.  I would like to thank each parent and staff member on the council, and especially thank Mr. Pena, Mrs. C. Brown, and Mrs. McKoy for accepting leadership positions on the council this school year. I can already tell that the group is eager to learn about our school and will continue to provide great feedback from the community.  I was able to share the districts Our Blueprint for the Future: Building the Bridge from Empathy to Excellence and our Local School Plan for Improvement  (LSPI) that supports the district's vision and priorities.  As a school, we are focusing on Cultural Competence, the Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS), Opportunity and Access for each and every one of our students, our Results-Based Evaluation System, and finally, our efforts around Post Secondary and Workforce Readiness.  Our school's LSPI will be published for the community very soon... council members got a sneak preview :-)

    Many of you have heard from the district this afternoon via phone, text, and email about wanting to hear from you on the different calendar options would best suit you and your family.  If you recall last year, we welcomed parent feedback and took a vote from the community on the calendar options.  The district listened closely to what the community said and approved a calendar that pulled the best parts of the other options.  I say this to encourage you to take some time to study the calendar options and provide specific feedback.  Perhaps we will have a fifth option that meets everyone's wants and needs.

    One thing the School Council ribbed me about this morning is the length of the Cooper Chronicles... I don't see why they would mention it, but I want to be sensitive to it :-).

    So, with that, I wish you a very safe and happy weekend.  Until we see each other again, be good, be safe, and stay healthy.



  • Cooper Chronicles (9-23-22)

    Good afternoon, Tigers.  I hope you soaked up all the great fall weather today, and have plans to soak it up this weekend... you never know when full summer is coming back when you live in Georgia!

    We had a great time with our Day of Awesomeness today.  I can't think the volunteers we had that signed up to volunteer enough for their help, and the volunteers that DROPPED everything today to help us out in a lurch... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Without you, we only would have had a Day of Fun... not a Day of Awesomeness.

    Speaking of AWESOMENESS, don't forget about our PTA Fall Festival tomorrow from 12-4 here in our front yard.  I look forward to seeing you and your family come out to enjoy each other, the food, and the fun that your PTA has put together.  I know it is going to be a great day.

    Have you thought about working at Cooper ES?  Wouldn't it be cool to have the same schedule as your child?  We are currently staffing two special needs pre-kindergarten classrooms.  We are still looking for one teacher and two paraprofessionals.  If you are interested in being considered for any of these positions, please apply online through GCPS.

    Lastly, I know a lot of our students play team sports and/or are involved in outside activities.  I would love to include any highlights to games or events on our morning announcements.  If you are a coach or associated with a team that has Cooper students, please email me the highlights and I'll do my best to give a shout out on the morning announcements, or have them included in the Sports News portion of our announcements.  DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL... email me at paul.willis@gcspk12.org.

    I hope to see you tomorrow at the ball field or at the PTA Fall Festival.  Until then, be good, be safe, and STAY HEALTHY!

    Your VERY PROUD and AWESOMED-OUT Principal,


  • Cooper Chronicles (9-9-22)

    Good afternoon, Tigers.  I hope you all have had a great week and are ready for another wet weekend.  For those of you that have been in Georgia since around 2007, do you remember when we had to conserve water because of the drought and Lake Lanier was so low?  I find it interesting how things swing so far on extremes.

    We've had a great week at Cooper.  Our PTA Bingo Night was soooo much fun.  We appreciate everyone that came out... especially the volunteers that made everything happen... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    Also, we hosted the first round of Grandparent's Day lunches for our Kindergarten and First Grade students.  We served about 160 guest lunches, plus our students and staff.  Thanks to all the grandparents and special friends that came out to enjoy time with our students.  We do it again on Monday for grades 2 & 3, and on Wednesday for grades 4 & 5.  A special thank you is owed to our parent (and grandparent) volunteers that helped make today happen so smoothly.

    We did learn a thing or two from today... exact change would be GREATLY appreciated if the grandparent's meal was not purchased through MyPaymentsPlus, and if ice cream is wanted, BRING DOLLAR BILLS.. that would help a lot!  Parents, please let your parents know these things to make their time here more enjoyable.

    Here are a couple of things coming up that you will need to know about...

    September 12- Gparents Day Lunch for 2nd (12:30 PM) & 3rd (1:18 PM)

    September 13- Sparkles Skate Night, 6-9 PM

    September 14- Gparents Day Lunch for 4th (12:00) & 5th (10:50)

    September 15- PICTURE DAY (I'll be looking for some Picture Day Heroes... volunteers to make sure students are looking their best for the camera)

    September 16- Digital Learning Day... be sure to let your child's teacher know by Wednesday if they will need a device to complete their learning on Friday.  This is ASYNCHRONOUS INSTRUCTION... meaning the teacher will not be conducting lessons during the day.  Students will have opportunities to practice skills they have already been exposed to.

    September 23- Day of Awesomeness... this will follow the students special's schedule...

    September 24- PTA Fall Festival, 12-4.  I heard I will get a pie in my face?????  Try me :-)  I throw back!

    Thank you all for everything you do to help us help you.  Until we meet again, be good, be safe, and stay healthy!

    Your VERY PROUD and WORE-OUT Principal,


  • Cooper Chronicles (9-2-22)

    Good rainy afternoon, Tigers.  I hope you are all doing well.

    I have some information I would like to share with you, so I'll jump right into it.

    Ground Zero... don't forget that we have a THREE-DAY WEEKEND.  No school on Monday.  We'll see everyone back on Tuesday.

    Ground Zero Zero... PTA Bingo Night is September 8 from 6-8 PM, and our first SPARKLES Spirit Night is September 13.  We look forward to having a TON OF FUN with you!

    First, we love to have your support at Archer HS football games (or any GCPS high school sports games).  However, please know that it is an expectation that children remain under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times.  Thanks for your help with that, and GO TIGERS, BEAT THE HAWKS!

    Second item of interest... some of you that have come to visit the school or volunteer have experienced the Raptor System... the Raptor System is what we use to scan drivers licenses and print visitor badges.  This process takes a little more time that our old system, and during busy times can cause a back up.  This can be frustrating... I get it.  However, we have processes in place to ensure the safety of our students and staff, so I appreciate your patience.  You may want to add a couple minutes to your arrival time during busy times to account for the possible back ups, like during lunch service times or early checkouts prior to a holiday weekend.

    Last thing... and this is a bit heavier... in the academic world there is a term called PRODUCTIVE STRUGGLE.  The idea of a productive struggle is to stretch a person (student), but not break a student.  For example, for a student to grow as a reader, he/she will have some moments that things will be tough, which results in a struggle.  However, the student finds a solution to the problem and masters that skill and moves on in their learning.  Without allowing the student to struggle, we would be robbing the opportunity for thier brain to develop good problem solving skills and ways to find different solutions.

    The term PRODUCTIVE STRUGGLE can also apply to behavioral/social situations.  I know that as a parent (I have four children msyelf) it is HARD to see your child struggle emotionally.  As my children's father, I have a natural feeling to swoop in and 'save the day' by preventing any heart-ache, pain, or grief to any one of my kids.  However, I also know that without allowing those struggles, they would not be the adults (three of them are 20 and over) that can navigate this complicated world independently.  We have to 'gift' our kids with the opportunity to problem solve, to find solutions to problems, and to experience some discomfort to allow them to grow... this is HARD... I know.  But it is also SUPER IMPORTANT.

    I'm no Dr. Phil or Oprah, but I hope this little bit might help you understand how we allow students to struggle productively.

    I wish you all a wonderful three-day weekend in which you have wonderful experiences with your family.

    Until we meet again... be good, be safe, and stay healthy!

    Your VERY PROUD and TIRED Principal.


  • Cooper Chronicles (8-26-22)

    Good afternoon, friends, and HAPPY FRIDAY!  I hope that you've had a great week and plans of fun and relaxation for the weekend.

    Thanks to all for coming out to our Curriculum Nights this week.  I appreciate the fact that our after school events sometimes conflict with sports, activities, and other commitments.  Curriculum Nights give parents a great opportunity to connect with their child's teacher, learn a bit more about what the year will look like, and have any dangling questions answered.

    Our PTA General Membership Meeting had to be rescheduled.  Keep an eye out from messaging from our PTA about when we will be able to hold our first General Membership meeting of the year.  If you have not yet joined PTA, please do by going to https://wjcooper.memberhub.com and visiting the online store.  We'd love to have grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins as members also. Your membership matters!  

    Thanks to everyone participating in our STEP IT UP Fundraiser. 479 students/families have registered for the STEP IT UP program and over 4,000 emails have been sent.  That's amazing!  It's not too late to participate and still be eligible to win awesome prizes.  Look back at some previous emails to get the information you need.

    Do you love high school football?  I love watching our Archer Tigers give it their all on the field.  Tonight is Archer's first home game.  As a help to our high school faculty and staff, please be sure that your child is accompanied by a parent/adult to any Archer High School sporting event.  We want everyone to have a great time and cheer on our Tigers, and sometimes our young people need some on-the-spot reminders that only a parent can give :-)

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly... WE NEED YOU!  We are looking for volunteers to be on our School Council.  W.J. Cooper Elementary School's School Council is a group of parents, staff, and community members that meet a few times a year (3-4) to help guide and council me as I lead this school.  You may nominate yourself or anyone else through this GOOGLE FORM by Tuesday, August 30 at 12:00 noon.  Anyone nominated will be asked for their willingness to serve for a TWO-YEAR term and complete a short bio to be shared with our school community as we vote.  The three candidates with the highest number of votes will become part of our School Council.  

    I think this will do it for now... I wish you a very safe, restful, and exciting weekend.  Until we meet again, be safe, be good and stay healthy.

    Your VERY PROUD and RECOVERING (the Rona) Principal,


  • Cooper Chronicles (8-10-22)

    Hello Parents and Families!

    We are excited to offer a way to give back to W J COOPER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!  On 8/18/2022 we will be kicking off an event to help raise funds that will benefit all of our students and staff. Our Step It UP! program, will help with funding Classroom supplies and learning tools.  In addition to: New technology, curriculum enhancements, and  innovative learning  materials.

    It is going to be AWESOME;  we are excited to get started!

    A few things to note:

    • This program will be very easy for you. It only requires about 10 minutes of your time.
    • Your students can earn great rewards, just for their effort. No money required!
    • This is an online, donation-based fundraiser, and the email and text message donation requests can go to people you know anywhere in the world. That means no direct pressure on your shoulders.

    Students will be bringing home more information next week after our Launch Party presentation. Please help your student register and complete the Golden Ticket assignment THAT VERY NIGHT! All students who complete the Golden Ticket assignment will receive fun PRIZES and it does not require any money to register.  We will also have some fun drawings for a $250 Amazon Gift Card and four Mini  Party Fridges stuffed with CASH!

    I will be sending a few more emails throughout the two-week program.  Please contact me directly if you have any questions.  Thank you in advance for your support!

    Your VERY PROUD Principal,

    Paul Willis

  • Cooper Chronicles (8-3-22)

    Good afternoon, Tigers.  I hope your student's day of in person OR digital learning went well.

    We had a great day, accomplishing all three of our goals with just a few hiccups.


    Please make sure you have communicated clearly with your child's teacher about how your child will get home tomorrow.  Car Riders... if you think today's car rider process went well, please don't use today's experience to set your timing in stone... only having two grade levels in the building today could have painted a false picture.  Tomorrow will be much busier.  Please be kind to each other (driver to driver) and extend grace.  The school has absolutely no control or influence over what happens off our campus, except for asking our community to be kind.


    Please remember parents cannot go past the lobby.  The only doors parents should enter are the main doors in the front of the building (not the car rider doors).  The front of the school is very busy with buses beginning as early as 8:00.  Please be careful and stay out of the bus lane during drop off and pick up.

    Breakfast and Lunch

    Students are able to eat breakfast at school.  Breakfast is paid for at the regular student rate, reduced rate if qualified for reduced price meals, and at no cost for those qualified for free meals.  Students in K-2 should go to the cafeteria upon arriving at school, then to class.  Students in grades 3-5 can grab breakfast in the grade level hallway.

    Please help your child learn how to open any lunch packaging.  We will have a lot of adults on hand to help, but we don't want to keep any child waiting for help.  Remember that we do not have a way for students to heat their food.

    It will be very helpful in for breakfast and lunch for students to know their student ID number.  They will type their number in on a keypad.  Knowing their number will help them get through the line quickly.

    Finally, we ask for a two-week period to allow us to get our students accustomed to our rules and processes in the lunch room before having visitors.  However, I know that we have students with birthdays in early August.  If your child has a birthday before the two week period and you would like to have lunch with them, please feel free to do so.  Otherwise, please give us that time to get things smoothed out.

    Let's have another great Day 1, Part 2 tomorrow as we welcome the rest of our students back to school.

    Be good, be safe, and stay healthy.

    Your VERY PROUD and TIRED Principal,

    Paul Willis

  • Cooper Chronicles (7-25-22)

    We're back!!!!  Good evening, Cooper Tigers!  I hope you are enjoying every last bit of your student's summer vacation, and are eager to allow us to spend a good chunk of time with them M-F in the near future.

    I would like to extend the warmest Cooper welcome to our new families... those with kindergarteners coming up and those that are just joining our school community.  I would also like to welcome back all of our returning students and families... WELCOME TO COOPER!

    We welcomed back our teachers and staff members today. We sugared them up on donuts and made them sit for long periods of time while throwing tons of information at them.  It has been a long day, but it has been a good day.

    You will begin hearing from your child's teacher this week via email, telephone, and/or post cards.  They are all very eager to meet their students and families, and I know you are eager to hear from them.

    Put August 1  from 8:00-11:00 on your calendar... this is our OPEN HOUSE.  We are staggering by alphabet just to manage our parking lot, traffic flow, and the number of folks in the classroom at one time.  Our teachers have a staff meeting/working lunch beginning at 11:30, so we aim to finish up then.


    8-9      Last Names A-I

    9-10l    Last Names J-Q

    10-11  Last Names R-Z

    It is very important to come to Open House, especially for students in 2nd-5th grades.  2nd-5th grade students will begin school DIGITALLY on August 3, and report to the building on August 4.  These students will be issued laptops for the Digital Learning Day, and for students in grades 3-5, the laptop issued to them will stay with them throughout their schooling in GCPS!

    I will be sending out chunks of information this week and next, so please try to look at these... you won't want to miss out on any critical information.

    Until the next Cooper Chronicles, be good, stay safe, and be healthy!

    Your VERY PROUD and EXCITED Principal,

    Paul Willis

Our Very Proud Principal, Mr. Paul Willis

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