Credits - Summer School & Credit Recovery

Options During the School Year

    • Gwinnett Online Campus Supplemental Program

    • Phoenix High School 7th period Student

    • Credit Recovery at Archer HS through GA Virtual

      • Students who made a 60%-69% are eligible and most classes are offered.

      • Cost: $100.Don't miss the opportunity to get back on track with this online program.See your counselor immediately to enroll.

      • Fall Enrollment

        • Fall Enrollment Deadline: September 4, 2019

        • Classes Start: September 9th; End: October 10

        • Days: Monday-Thursday each week 

        • Times: 2:30pm-4:30pm

      • Spring Enrollment

        • Spring Enrollment Deadline: February 5, 2020

        • Classes Start: February 10; End: February 12

        • Days: Monday-Thursday each week

        • Times: 2:30pm-4:30pm

Summer School Options

  • *Information for 2020 Summer School will be available after Spring Break. Please check back for updated information.

    • Students can only make-up 2 classes during Summer School.

    • Students should focus on making-up their core classes (Math, Language Arts, Science, World History, and US History).

    Summer School Options