• Transcripts/Records Requests

  • Please see the instructions below for requesting transcripts. For any questions, please contact Mrs. Hamilton - nicole.hamilton@gcpsk12.org


  • 2020 May Graduates



    • You can send transcripts to in-state colleges by logging into your GAFutures account.
    • All areas of the Student “Profile” must be complete prior to submitting transcripts! Must include:
      • Legal Name (first, middle, last)
      • Social Security#
      • Student ID
      • Current Enrollment Status 
    • Your Social Securtiy number must also be on file at Archer.
    • Final Transcripts will be available after June 4, 2020.


    • If you need an official transcript sent to an out-of-state school, you must fill out the google form in eCLASS.
    • You must be signed in to your G suite account to complete the form.
    • Once you complete the form, the counseling office will send your transcript to the out-of-state college.
    • To access the form on eCLASS, go to Archer HS Counseling Corner and click on Transcripts.
    • Final Transcripts will be available after June 4, 2020.


    • A copy of your final transcript/report card will be mailed home. This can be used as an unofficial transcript.
    • You may also print out one from your parent portal account.

    If you need a transcript for any other reason (Scholarship, etc.) or have questions please email Mrs. Hamilton


  • Current AHS Students


    1. To order your transcript for an in-state college/university through Gafutures: 

    • Go to gafutures.org 
    • Create an account (spell your name the same as in our system) & include your social security number & date of birth
    • Go to "My high school transcripts" tab
    • Select the college, make sure all your information is entered, and click "send"

    2. If you are a current student and need an official transcript to send to an out-of-state school or scholarship:

    • Login to eClass
    • Go to "Archer HS Counseling Corner"
    • Click on "Transcripts"
    • Fill out the google form "Transcript Request Form"

     If you need an unofficial transcript, then you may print out one from your parent portal account.  

  • 2019 AHS Graduates

    1. Call Archer High School, 678-407-7701, between 8am-2pm, Monday-Thursday.
    2. Allow 24 hours for request to be processed.
    3. Transcript is $5 cash only, exact change.
    4. When arriving at school, please ring door bell at the front doors for assistance.
    5. To pick-up trancripts, you will need a picture ID:
      1. Students: Will need a picture I.D. to pick-up.
      2. Parents: If you are picking up for your student and they are over 18 years old, you will need a copy of the student's picture ID and a letter written by the student allowing you permission to pick-up transcript. 

  • 2009-2018 AHS Graduates

    Student who graduated in 2009-2017, your records have been moved to GCPS RecordsDeptartment.   You will need to contact GCPS Record Department to obtain any school records.

    Click here to order a transcript

    GCPS Records - 678-301-6144