• School Council title
  • Who Serves on a School Council?

    School councils are comprised of a minimum of seven council members:

    • The principal 
    • At least two certificated teachers elected by the teachers 
    • A number of parents elected by the parents, so that parents make up a majority of the council. At least 2 parents must be businesspersons 
    • Other members as specified in the council's bylaws 

    Council members serve a term of two years, or for a term specified in the council's bylaws.

    What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Council Members?

    All members of the School Council must:

    • Maintain a school-wide perspective on issues, 
    • Regularly participate in council meetings, 
    • Participate in information and training programs, 
    • Act as a link between the school council and the community, 
    • Encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community, and 
    • Work to improve student achievement and performance. 

    What is the Role of the Local Board of Education with School Councils?

    The local board of education shall:

    • Provide all information not specifically made confidential by law 
    • Assign an employee of the school system to attend council meetings when requested 
    • Receive and consider all recommendations, including the annual report, of the school council 

    The local board of education shall respond to recommendations of the council within 60 days after being notified in writing of the recommendation.

  • Meeting Dates, Times, & Locations

    Date: Friday, September 17, 2021
    Time & Location: 7:30 AM at Crews Middle School

    Date: Thursday, November 18, 2021
    Time & Location: 8:00 AM at Brookwood High School

    Date: Friday, January 28, 2022
    Time & Location: 7:30 AM at Crews Middle School

    Date: Friday, March 18, 2022
    Time & Location: 7:30 AM at Crews Middle School

  • School Council Officers


    Name: Beth Ray
    Relationship to School: Parent
    Term: ENDS 5/2020


    Name: Dr. Brett Savage
    Relationship to School: Principal (Mandatory)
    Term: OPEN


    Name: Lynda Weingarten, Council Secretary
    Relationship to School: Administrative Assistant
    Term: OPEN

  • School Council Members

    Name: Dr. Brett Savage, Principal
    Relationship to School: Principal

    Name & Title: Chevonne Baker, Council Secretary
    Relationship to School: Administrative Assistant

    Name: Dr. Rudy Jackson
    Relationship to School: LSC President

    Name: Tim Emmett
    Relationship to School: Parent/Community Partner

    Name & Title: Dr. Veneetia Smith Johnson
    Relationship to School: Parent

    Name & Title: Tim Andrews
    Relationship to School: Parent

    Name & Title: Rod Hames
    Relationship to School: Certified Teacher

    Name & Title: Lance Layson
    Relationship to School: Parent

    Name & Title: Walter Keeping
    Relationship to School: Certified Teacher

    Name & Title: Joseph Haba
    Relationship to School: Parent

    Name & Title: Ron Weber
    Relationship to School: Business Partner

    Name & Title: Suzanne Najbrt
    Relationship to School: Parent

    Name & Title: Alyssa Frankenberger
    Relationship to School: Parent

    Name & Title: Stacy Dehnke
    Relationship to School: Parent/GCPS Employee