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  • During digital learning, Gwinnett County School Counselors will continue supporting students' academic success, career development, and social-emotional growth, utilizing Zoom and Google Meet for individual meetings, conferences, presentations, groups, and classroom lessons/activities

  • School counselors at Crews serve ALL students by providing programs and services that support development in academics, social/emotional health, and career readiness. Every child has unique skills and abilities which can prepare them for success. At the same time, they also may face personal and systemic challenges. Shoulder-to-shoulder with families, teachers, and administration, school counselors are a part of the team that makes our school truly great.

    School Counselors provide classroom lessons, small groups, and one-on-one sessions. Some of the common skills we focus on include: problem-solving, decision making, stress, conflict resolution, working cooperatively, resilience, leadership, and personal growth. Students may visit counselors as needed and parents will be notified as needed. Parents and teachers may refer students to a counselor if a concern arises.

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    770-736-4156 / Elizabeth.Butler@gcpsk12.org

    Mrs. Butler is a native of South Carolina, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and her Master of Education degree in Post-Secondary Counseling & Guidance from Clemson University. She worked for ten years at colleges and universities in the area of substance abuse prevention. She completed her Education Specialist degree in K-12 Professional School Counseling at the University of Georgia and has been a school counselor for eleven years. She has two children who attended Crews Middle and Brookwood High School. She believes that building relationships with students and families leads to a positive and successful middle school experience.

    770-736-8447 /Helen.Cox@gcpsk12.org

    Ms. Cox is a recent graduate of Georgia State University's school counseling program. Ms. Cox's undergraduate degree came from Agnes Scott College, where she majored in Political Science and minored in English. Her first career was in social justice communications but after two years volunteering with an art therapy informed non-profit for youth experiencing homelessness, she returned to graduate school to pursue a new direction. She says, "Every experience, from my Wednesday nights leading art classes at the shelter to my union and non-profit career working in diverse communities across the country, has lead me right where I belong, as a school counselor."

    770-736-8647 / Garrece.Walker@gcpsk12.org

    Mrs. Walker has served students from Pre-K to college as a teacher, media specialist, and now a school counselor. She earned her BA in Psychology at the University of West Georgia and completed her Masters of Continuing Education in Guidance and Counseling at the University of West Alabama, where she is currently completing her Education Specialist degree in K-12 Professional School Counseling. Mrs. Walker has six years of experience as a community youth leader. She believes in value and care for all students and acting in the best interest of students is at the core of her decisions. She is married to another school counselor, and they have two kids, a high school freshman, and a college freshman. She enjoys traveling, baking, and reading.