• Brookwood Credit Recovery Boot Camp

What is Credit Recovery?

  • Credit Recovery is a program for students who did not pass a class and earned a grade between the ranges of 60%-69%. Students can take a condensed version of the course to earn credit towards graduation. Successful credit recovery grades will appear on a student’s transcript but it will NOT replace the failed grade. Credit recovery allows students to earn credit and get back on track towards graduation.

    Who is eligible?  Students who have previously taken a course (for which CR is available) and scored a 60%-69% are eligible, however, 65%-69% is recommended.  Please note that CR is offered at a standard, college preparatory class level.  Resource, Co-Taught, Honors, Gifted, and Advanced Placement courses are not available. In addition, Accelerated Math courses are not available.

    How does the program work?

    • Brookwood uses Georgia Virtual School’s online program for credit recovery. This is a self-paced class with embedded tests.
    • Students MUST attend the REQUIRED CR Boot Camp to participate in the program. Following Boot Camp students will be provided the opportunity to roll over to the Guided Study CR program during the school day to finish the course.
    • Students may only take ONE credit recovery class during the Boot Camp. It is recommended that math be the priority if more than one class is needed.
    • NCAA does NOT recognize this credit recovery program for eligibility purposes.
    • Special Education and 504 accommodations are NOT supported by the credit recovery program.

    What is the cost for the Credit Recovery Boot Camp?

    • $40 payable on mypaymentsplus.com(non-refundable)
    • This fee will be used to pay teachers to run the credit recovery session during our Boot Camp.


    What courses are offered during the Credit Recovery Boot Camp?

    Language Arts



    Social Studies


    Freshman Language Arts

    Sophomore World Literature

    Junior American Literature

    Senior British Literature

    Algebra 1


    Algebra 2


    Anatomy & Physiology

    World Geography

    World History

    U.S. History


    Political Systems









    Direct any questions to your student’s assigned counselor via email or by calling 678-344-2603.