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Gwinnett County Public School

Language Arts by Subject K-12



The AKS standards for each grade level spell out the essential concepts students are expected to know and skills they should acquire in Language Arts. The AKS offer a solid base on which teachers build rich learning experiences. Teachers use curriculum guides, technology, and instructional resources to teach the AKS and to make sure each and every student is learning to his or her potential.

The Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) standards were developed by our teachers, with input from our parents and community, in response to Gwinnett County Public Schools’ mission statement: The mission of Gwinnett County Public Schools is to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behavior for each student resulting in measured improvement against local, national, and world-class standards.

Kindergarten -- Language Arts

1st Grade -- Language Arts

2nd Grade -- Language Arts

3rd Grade -- Language Arts

4th Grade -- Language Arts

5th Grade -- Language Arts

6th Grade -- Language Arts

7th Grade -- Language Arts

8th Grade -- Language Arts

High School AKS