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EOC Test-Out Information

What Does it Mean to "Test-out" of an EOC Course?

A student may demonstrate subject area competency by "testing out" of any course that has an EOC.  This option is available BEFORE the student takes the course.  This means that a student can take the EOC prior to taking the course, and if the student reaches the performance level of "Distinguished", then he or she can earn credit for the course.  Students have only one opportunity per course to test out.  At this time, a student may earn no more than three credits by testing out.

Who Can Test-Out of an EOC Course?

To earn course credit through the test-out option, a student must:

  1. Not currently be, or previously have been, enrolled in the course.
  2. Have earned a grade of B or better in the most recent course in the same content area for which the student is attempting the EOC.
  3. Have received a recommendation from a teacher in the same content area.
  4. Have received parent/guardian permission.

Students who are currently enrolled, or who previously have been enrolled, in a higher-level course are not allowed to earn credit by later attempting to test-out of a lower-level course.  For example, a student already taking AP Physics may not earn credit for Physical Science by testing out.

If a Student Tests Out, How Is That Credit Applied and What Affect Does It Have on a GPA?

  • Course credit earned through testing out is reported in the same way as credit earned through course completion.  Students who successfully score in the "Distinguished" level will have the grade equivalent score provided in the EOC Score Report entered as the grade for the course.  This score will be used in the calculation of the student's Grade Point Average (GPA).  Once a student has completed the EOC test-out, the grade earned stands.  The student must take the credit if they score in the "Distinguished" range.  
  • The course transcribed will be listed as the general course name and will not include Honors, Gifted, or Accelerated.
  • For students currently enrolled in high school, EOC test-out scores ARE counted in the student's HOPE scholarship (under current regulations).  Students and parents are advised to stay apprised of current HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship regulations.
  • For students currently enrolled in middle school, EOC test-out scores are NOT counted in the student's HOPE scholarship (under current regulations).

If a Student Tests Out, What Effect Does That Have On Elegibility?

Under current NCAA requirements, units of credit earned through the EOC test-out option will not count as a core course credit for athletic aid for any student seeking NCAA Division I or II athletic scholarships.  Students and parents should stay apprised of all NCAA regulations.

What If a Student Attempts to Test Out and Doesn't Score in the "Distinguished" Range?

Students who do not reach the performance level of "Distinguished" when attempting to test-out must enroll in and complete the associated course and retake the EOC even if the student makes a passing score on the EOC  during the test-out attempt.