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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Scoring of Student Responses

Gwinnett Writes summative assessments will be scored in the areas of expression of academic knowledge and writing skills in organization and conventions (i.e., grammar and usage) using four-point rubrics. The complete rubrics for the assessment are linked below. Students will receive their results prior to the end of school year with a report that will provide both scores and feedback.

The scoring of the responses will be completed at the district level by GCPS teachers. Additionally, GCPS will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) scoring to ensure summative results are reported prior to the end of the school year. To ensure reliable, high-quality AI scoring consistent with GCPS writing expectations in the scoring rubrics, GCPS teachers will train and qualify to score a subset of student responses. These expertly scored responses will then be used to train the AI tool. This process will be completed and validated for each prompt following these steps: 

  1. GCPS teachers train and qualify to score student work.
  2. Teachers blindly score a random set of student responses. Blind scoring means they only see the student response and have no additional information such as school or student name.
  3. Student responses are scored twice with at least 10% receiving a third score as a quality check.
  4. Responses that receive an exact score match are used to create a training set for the AI tool. 
  5. The AI tool is trained, and its performance is validated by GCPS.  
  6. The AI tool completes the scoring for the remaining student responses.
  7. GCPS again validates the scores prior to reporting results. 


Scoring Rubrics 

Use these links to access the scoring rubrics by level. The writing skills rubrics will be published in early fall 2023. They are currently being revised and finalized to align to the newly adopted Language Arts standards by the Georgia Department of Education. 

Middle School: Expression of Academic Knowledge

Middle School: Writing Skills in Organization and Conventions 

High School: Expression of Academic Knowledge 

High School: Writing Skills in Organization and Conventions