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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Digital Learning Days

What does digital learning look like?  

Teachers may provide live (synchronous) learning opportunities and/or recorded (asynchronous) lessons and independent work. 

This means that students will be required to participate in digital instruction on a specific schedule with their teachers (synchronous learning), and also complete activities and assignments (asynchronous learning) on their own time to meet assignment deadlines. 

  • Students will receive quality instruction on all grade-level standards, learning the district’s Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum. 
  • Instruction and support will be provided by teachers and staff from the student’s local school
  • If synchronous learning opportunities are provided, they will occur during the school day.   
  • Students will access assignments through eCLASS C&I course pages, but teachers also may use digital resources such as Google Classroom, SAFARI Montage, etc. 
  • Schools will provide specific information to support students and parents around digital learning processes and protocols. Check your school webpages and/or newsletters for more information.  
  • Additional student and parent support resources will be available on the district web page and in the student portal
  • ParentVUE makes it easier for parents to see assignments, including missing ones. It also allows parents to access student information, including gradebook data, discipline, report cards, transcripts, calendars, and more.