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Gwinnett County Public Schools

EES Student Wellness Screener / View the Screener Questions

Students in grades 3 - 12 will be asked to rate their agreement with the statements found below.

Academic Behaviors

I have trouble working alone.

I participate in class.

It is hard to pay attention in class.

I worry about keeping up with what is being taught.

I learn well with my teacher.

I can keep up with what is being taught.

Emotional Behaviors

I feel sad.

I feel nervous.

I am worried.

I like to try new things.

Social Behaviors

I disrupt class.

I have trouble waiting my turn.

 I argue with others.

I get along with my classmates.

I am glad to see my friends.

Belonging and Identity

In my school, I feel that I belong to a group of friends.

There's at least one adult in this school I can talk to if I have a problem.

I am hopeful about my future.

I feel accepted at this school.


I need help: from an adult, with food, with clothing & hygiene, with a place to sleep, with financial assistance, with child care, with mental health, with medical issue, with internet access.

Safe and Supportive Learning Environment (Grades 6-12 only)

I feel safe at school in the following locations:




Parking lots

Before / after school activities and clubs

On the buses

At the bus stops

Recess / Outdoor common areas


Gym / Locker rooms