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Blueprint in Action - Shiloh Cluster
Across the Shiloh cluster, we believe that every student is a leader and every day is an opportunity for them to take the lead. For this reason, we center students’ interests and goals in everything we do. From student-founded nonprofits and clubs, student led events, leadership development, and regularly asking students for their input, we want our students to feel that the Shiloh cluster is not only designed in their own image but designed for their future success. Every day is a great day to be a general because every day lifts up student voice. Generals, salute!

Coffee with Calvin: GCPS School Nutrition Program
Dr. Watts visits GSMST and Trickum Middle School to see what's new with the GCPS School Nutrition Program.

Blueprint In Action - South Gwinnett Cluster
For us in the South Gwinnett cluster, student voice is heart work. We want our students to be advocates for themselves and others. To encourage students’ change-making leadership, we create opportunities for student voice to be heard across differing viewpoints. We demonstrate that their perspectives matter by actively listening and responding to what we hear. Our students are architects of their futures. By helping them give voice to what they want to become, students also become architects of our communities. We are so proud of our shining Comets in South Gwinnett!