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Blueprint in Action - Collins Hill Cluster
When we think of Adaptability in the Collins Hill cluster, one of our goals is to help develop this skill in our students over time. Teaching how to be flexible starts with children in our Play 2 Learn classes and continues with our implementation of PBIS across the cluster. The ability of our teachers and staff to be adaptable ensures that our young Eagles will continue to soar.

Connected September 8, 2023
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Blueprint in Action - Grayson Cluster
Our ability to adapt in the Grayson cluster is a trait of successful leadership, both for students and staff. The growth in the Grayson area reminds us that we need to prepare our 21st century learners to be adaptable for their future. We achieve this through teacher led collaboration teams, dual language immersion classes, student leadership, and a strong sense of community. Being part of the Framily, or Ram family, is about meeting the academic and social and emotional needs of our students.