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Gwinnett County Public Schools


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GCPS Impacts Lives


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Coffee with Calvin: Student Voice

Dr. Watts chats with attendees of the first ever Empowering Student Voice Summit.

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Jenna Cloninger, 2025 GCPS Teacher of the Year

This teacher's classroom is an immersive, sensory experience of new and sometimes unfamiliar worlds. Like explorers, students are active participants in the subject matter. And their learning takes organic routes, adapting to student’s ever-changing needs and interests. This teacher’s heart is set on adaptability.

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Blueprint in Action - Lanier Cluster

In the Lanier cluster, we not only listen to our students, but we are inspired by the example they set. Their tremendous leadership demonstrates that when you’re a part of the Lanier cluster, you’re family. Students support each other, reach across generations, and create belonging for each other. And like family, our students invest back in the Sugar Hill community, helping to build strong foundations for generations to come. We are confident about the future of the Lanier community because our amazing students across the cluster are empowered to speak their minds, pursue their interests, and lead with compassion.