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Gwinnett County Public Schools


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Blueprint in Action - Archer Cluster

Across the Archer cluster, we know the tremendous value of parent and community involvement in students’ success. Such involvement bridges students’ learning from inside the classroom to the real world and fills our students with pride for their schools. From as early as kindergarten registration through culminating senior projects, we strive to inform and involve parents, families, and community partners at every step of our students’ academic journeys. And our students have opportunities to share their knowledge with others to make a measurable impact on the world. In the Archer cluster, education is truly a partnership.


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Coffee with Calvin - GCPS Front Offices

Dr. Watts visits the front offices of Paul Duke STEM HS and Bethesda ES to meet the GCPS team members who keep the school day running smoothly.

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Blueprint in Action - Central Gwinnett Cluster

For generations, Central Gwinnett schools have been an integral part of the Lawrenceville community, proudly upholding the spirit of what it means to be a Black Knight. We firmly believe that schools are the bedrock of a thriving community. This philosophy drives our commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships with parents. We actively encourage and facilitate their participation in their children’s education, creating a foundation of trust and open communication. Student voices are not just heard, they’re valued. We provide opportunities for our students to develop strong communication skills and actively participate in shaping their educational experiences. These cultivated connections create lasting bonds, ensuring that once a Black Knight, always a Black Knight.

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Connected May 9, 2024

In this, our special, Seniors Edition of Connected, our Student Correspondent Kayla reflects on the past year of achievements for Gwinnett County Public Schools seniors and on her own journey as a student through GCPS.