Cluster Superintendents

  • The School Improvement and Operations Team leads the system’s efforts in ensuring high academic achievement for all students. The Cluster Superintendents supervise all local school principals in implementing a performance culture and attaining desired results through the Results Based Evaluation System (RBES), as well as maintaining safe and orderly day-to-day school operations.

    Main Office

    (678) 301-7255

  • CST I - Dr. Bryan K. Long
  • CST II - Dr. Keith Thompson
  • CST III - Dr. Kelli McCain
  • CST IV - Dr. Melissa Walker
  • CST V - Dr. Terry Watlington
  • CST VI - Dr. Reuben Gresham
  • CST VII - Jay Nebel
  • CST VIII - Clifton Alexander
  • CST IX - Dr. Pam Williams
  • CST X - Anthony Smith