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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Gwinnett Readers Rally Rules

  •  All audience members and players must turn off cell phones, pagers, or other distracting devices.   Please remain quiet during round play.  Pictures and videos are NOT allowed during competition play. 
  • A team consists of up to 10 members.  Up to five will play each round and alternate players may only be substituted between rounds.
  • Each school will compete with every other team in its division.  The number of rounds of play are determined by the number of teams competing. Each round will consist of at least 1 question per book.
  • Teams receive 10 points for each correct answer and there are no penalties for wrong answers. 
  • When a student buzzes in, the console judge must acknowledge the student and team.
  • Players have 10 seconds to buzz in after the question is read. Once acknowledged, the player has 10 seconds to begin answering the question.
  • If a player buzzes in before the entire question is read, the moderator will stop reading the question and the person who buzzed in will be acknowledged and then must begin answering the question within 10 seconds.
  • The first answer given is the accepted answer for that team.  
  • If an answer is incorrect, the moderator will re-read the entire question to the other team and they may have the full 10 seconds to buzz in and 10 seconds to begin answering the question after buzzing in.
  • Each team is limited to 1 challenge per round.  
  • Questions/challenges over an answer can only be raised by a player before the next question is read.  
  • Challenges may not be used to question procedural errors.
  • To initiate a challenge, a competing player must raise his/her hand.  Once acknowledged by the moderator, the team member must consult with his/her coach.
  • The coach determines whether the team will proceed with the challenge.  If the coach decides not to proceed, the competition continues and the team is not charged with using a challenge.
  • If the coach confirms the challenge, the student states the challenge and the moderator calls for a judge.  All decisions made by the judge are final.  
  • A coach cannot raise a question or challenge independently.
  • After the round is completed and before being called to move on, students may study books and/or questions.