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Gwinnett County Public School


Gwinnett County and its public school system are named for Button Gwinnett, one of the three Georgians who signed the Declaration of Independence.  Since the early 1800s, the schools of Gwinnett County have been organized by people who value education and who desire to provide young people with opportunities to learn as much as possible in preparation for life’s endeavors. Because schools are not mere buildings, but rather the community supporting the value of education, this history of Gwinnett County schools is about people. The local school historians who gathered facts on the history of each school researched diligently to provide the most accurate and thorough information possible.

Since the first school commissioner’s report showing an 1871 enrollment of 2,204 students with 41 teachers employed, Gwinnett County Public Schools has grown to an enrollment of more than 180,000 students with approximately 22,000 employees. The history of the public schools of Gwinnett County is, however, more than a comparison of numbers; it is a resource exhibiting how much the public values education. It serves as a reminder of the work our public schools have done and continue to do in its efforts to prepare students to take their place in society as leaders and successful citizens.

Our schools and staff are excited to partner with students, families and the community, working together to support students—from Pre-K to 12th grade—and to prepare them for success at the next grade level, in college, career, citizenship, and for life in our ever-changing world. Part of that support is ensuring that you have the resources and information you need. Explore our website and learn all that GCPS has to offer!