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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Cluster Superintendents

The School Improvement and Operations Team leads the system’s efforts to ensure high academic achievement for all students. The Cluster Superintendents supervise all local school principals in implementing a performance culture and attaining desired results through the Results-Based Evaluation System (RBES), as well as maintaining safe and orderly day-to-day school operations.

Main Office:  (678) 301-7255

Cluster Superintendents & Cluster Assignments

Dr. Clifton Alexander

Darletha Reid

Administrative Assistant


Lanier Cluster:

Sugar Hill ES

Sycamore ES

White Oak ES

Lanier MS

Lanier HS

North Gwinnett Cluster:

Level Creek ES

Riverside ES

Roberts ES

Suwanee ES

North Gwinnett MS

North Gwinnett HS

Special Entities:

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, & Technology (GSMST)

Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC)


Oakland Meadow

Dr. Allan Gee 

Erika Burns

Administrative Assistant


Meadowcreek Cluster:

Ferguson ES

Graves ES

Lilburn ES

Meadowcreek ES

Nesbit ES

Rockbridge ES

Lilburn MS

Radloff MS

McClure Health Science HS

Meadowcreek HS

Special Entities:

Maxwell HS

International Transition Center (ITC)

Phoenix HS

Dr. Reuben Gresham

Desiree Bryant

Administrative Assistant


Norcross Cluster:

Baldwin ES

Beaver Ridge ES

Norcross ES

North Metro Academy of Performing Arts (NMAPA)

Peachtree ES

Simpson ES

Stripling ES

Summerour MS

Pinckneyville MS

Norcross HS

Paul Duke STEM HS

Special Entities:



Dr. Bryan K. Long 

Lisa Woung

Administrative Assistant


Archer Cluster:

Cooper ES

Harbins ES

Lovin ES

McConnell MS

Archer HS

Dacula Cluster:

Alcova ES

Dacula ES

Mulberry ES

Dacula MS

Dacula HS

Mill Creek Cluster:

Duncan Creek ES

Fort Daniels ES

Puckett's Mill ES

Osborne MS

Mill Creek HS

 Dr. Kelli McCain

Darletha Reid

Administrative Assistant


Brookwood Cluster:

Brookwood ES

Craig ES

Gwin Oaks ES

Head ES

Crews MS

Five Forks MS

Brookwood HS

South Gwinnett Cluster:

Britt ES

Magill ES

Norton ES

Rosebud ES

Grace Snell MS

Snellville MS

South Gwinnett HS (Academy)

 Jay Nebel

Brenda Melton

Administrative Assistant


Collins Hill Cluster:

McKendree ES

Rock Springs ES

Taylor ES

Walnut Grove ES

Creekland MS

Collins Hill HS

Mountain View Cluster:

Dyer ES

Freeman's Mill ES

Woodward ES

Twin Rivers MS

Mountain View HS

Seckinger Cluster:

Harmony ES

Ivy Creek ES

Patrick ES

Jones MS

Seckinger HS

Dr. Keith Thompson  

Erika Burns

Administrative Assistant


Central Gwinnett Cluster:

Jenkins ES

Lawrenceville ES

Simonton ES

Winn Holt ES

Jordan MS

Moore MS

Central Gwinnett HS (Academy)

Grayson Cluster:

Grayson ES

Pharr ES

Starling ES

Trip ES

Bay Creek MS

Couch MS

Grayson HS

Dr. Melissa E. Walker 

Lisa Woung

Administrative Assistant


Parkview Cluster:

Arcado ES

Camp Creek ES

Knight ES

Mountain Park ES

Trickum MS

Parkview HS

Shiloh Cluster:

Anderson-Livsey ES

Annistown ES

Centerville ES

Partee ES

Shiloh ES

Shiloh MS

Shiloh HS (Academy)

Charter School:

New Life Academy of Excellence

Dr. Terry Watlington

Desiree Bryant

Administrative Assistant


Berkmar Cluster:

Bethesda ES

Corley ES

Hopkins ES

Kanoheda ES

Minor ES

Berkmar MS

Sweetwater MS

Berkmar HS (Academy)

Discovery Cluster:

Alford ES

Baggett ES

Benefield ES

Cedar Hill ES

Richards MS

Discovery HS (Academy)

 Dr. Pam J. Williams 

Brenda Melton

Administrative Assistant


Duluth Cluster:

Berkley Lake ES

Chattahoochee ES

Chesney ES

Harris ES

Coleman MS

Duluth MS

Duluth HS

Peachtree Ridge Cluster:

Burnette ES

Jackson ES

Mason ES

Parsons ES

Hull MS

Northbrook MS

Peachtree Ridge HS

Review map of Cluster Superintendent's Assignments:

SY 2023-24 Map of Cluster Superintendent Assignments