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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Freeman’s Mill Elementary School

Freeman's Mill ES - front

Fast Facts


Freeman’s Mill Elementary opened its doors to students during the fall of 1999 under the principalship of Dr. Olivia Hodges. The school was composed of students zoned from Dacula and Fort Daniel elementary schools. The school is named for several prominent families in the Dacula area. These families had an impact on the development of the area by organizing the community, running the first post office, and operating a grist mill.

John W. Freeman, the first postmaster, changed the name of Freemantown to Dacula by combining letters from the Atlanta and Decatur railroad lines. In the 1800s, the railroads helped to develop the town by providing transportation and improving opportunities for commercial growth by transporting goods like those from the Freeman’s Mill, located on Alcovy Road.

Winfield Scott Freeman once owned this mill, which was used by neighboring farmers to grind their corn and wheat into corn meal, wheat flour, and feed for animals.

Dr. Samual Harris Freeman was a gentleman known for his generous nature. He practiced medicine in Dacula, serving the rich and poor alike. He never refused to care for those unable to afford medical treatment. Dr. Freeman also built and ran a store, started the first post office, and provided boarding rooms for ill patients in an arrangement similar to our hospital system today. He was a philanthropist who donated large amounts of money to build churches for the community.

These early Gwinnett County residents— through their professions and community support— helped develop this area, six miles from Lawrenceville, into the thriving town of Dacula. It is because of their long-lasting influence on the Dacula community that the Gwinnett County Board of Education honored the Freeman name with the naming of this school.

The school was officially dedicated on Sunday, February 6, including staff, students, and parents along with Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks and Mr. Elliott Brack who provided the dedication address. When Freeman’s Mill opened it was a part of the Dacula Cluster. Its school colors were red and black, and its mascot was the Firebird. It later joined the Mountain View Cluster through redistricting and aligned its school colors and mascot with the cluster, changing the colors to red, black, and gold and the mascot to Bears.

Since opening, the school and its students and staff have focused on building a tradition of high achievement. Evidence of this is found in its recognition as a Georgia School of Excellence (2007), positive school climate ratings, and numerous other awards.

Freeman’s Mill Elementary continues to grow and the rich heritage of the school and community is a viable part of the school’s history