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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Level Creek Elementary School

photo of level creek elementary school

Fast Facts


The Level Creek community has been a part of Gwinnett County for a long time. Native Americans and pioneer settlers used to live where the school is now located. In 1818, Gwinnett County was formed by the Georgia General Assembly from lands ceded by the Indians after the War of 1812. Families from other counties and states were given land here and began to move into the new area to build their homes and farms. Their neighbors were the Cherokee Indians, who continued to live here until they were forced to move away during the “Trail of Tears” in 1838.

The Level Creek Methodist Church was established in 1823 and was named after the nearby creek. The church was situated in the Phillip Lamar schoolhouse and was the center of the frontier community’s life. Since most of the settlers did not have a formal education, spelling was taught, and spelling bees were held for the young and old at the church’s Sunday School. This was the beginning of the original Level Creek School.

level creek old photo

A description of the Level Creek Schoolhouse in 1923 gives us a glimpse of a rural schoolhouse outside (“condition fair, water from spring, ample playgrounds, no garden, one toilet”) and inside (“value $1,000, two rooms, poorly lighted, ventilation bad, clean, painted”). The enrollment at the time was 49 students and two teachers for seven grade levels.

The Level Creek School has certainly changed! Work on the “new” Level Creek Elementary School began in December 2002. The school opened its doors to 930 students for the first time in August 2004. In addition to students, 104 staff members took pride in the new 131,656 square foot, two-story building! The Level Creek community is still strong today and excited to continue building a “Legacy of Learning!”

In fact, the vision of Level Creek Elementary School is to be a world-class school where we Lead, Connect, Excel, and Serve. The school is recognized as one of the top-performing schools in the county and state. Level Creek has been awarded platinum ratings from the state of Georgia for students' Academic Achievement and Academic Growth. LCES students take responsibility for their academic and personal goals through tracking their learning in data notebooks. Additionally, LCES students in 4th and 5th grades may participate in the Be the Leader Council, the school’s student leadership team. All LCES students participate in 'Specials' in PE, STEM, Art, Music, Technology, and Leadership. LCES students also can grow and learn in the following clubs: Art, Orchestra, Chorus, Spanish, Readers Rally, Safety Patrol, Taekwondo, Jump Rope, Robotics, Chess, Fitness, Guitar, Technology, Tennis, and Good News. The staff and students also participate in community outreach programs including the United Way, Toys for Tots, and Relay For Life.

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