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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Mountain Park Elementary School

Fast Facts


Mountain Park Elementary is located at 1500 Pounds Road in Lilburn. The school opened in the fall of 1966 and has served a population as small as 370 in grades 1–7 and as high as 1,024 in grades K–5. The school, which originally had 14 classrooms, was built to relieve overcrowding at Snellville Elementary. At that time, the school served a section of the county presently within the attendance zones of Arcado Elementary, Camp Creek Elementary, Mountain Park Elementary, and Lilburn Elementary. All of the above schools were built in later years to relieve Mountain Park Elementary School. By 1995, the enrollment grew to 633 students in grades K–5. In 2020, the school served approximately 630 students.

The school has benefitted from a number of additions to the building, as well as a renovation to the original building. The original 30,794 square foot facility cost $351,866 to build. Classroom additions occurred in 1969, 1970, and 1998. In addition, the school opened a new activity building in 1971 and in 1990, and also made improvements to its kitchen over the years.

While the surrounding area has grown and the school has changed, Mountain Park Elementary, which was named for the local community of Mountain Park, has continued to be a quiet, serene campus conducive to learning.  Students still walk and ride their bicycles to school.

Over the years, Mountain Park Elementary has experienced many changes. When the school opened, Brownlee Road and Pounds Road were dirt roads. It is said that one rainy day, a parent had to take a tractor and pull a school bus out of the mud. This is a very different scene than what is found on today’s busy roads near the school. Another stark difference is in the amenities available in the school. In 1966, the school opened with no office furniture. The principal brought a card table and his typewriter from home. Today, Mountain Park Elementary has integrated the use of technology in all classrooms and a one-to-one Chromebook initiative for students in grades 3-5. 

Albert Clark was named as the first principal and served until 1983. He was followed by John Tippins (1983–1987), Nelda Heatherly (1987–1994), Dr. Bob Clark (1994–1996), Sandra Webb (1996–Jan. 2001), Debbie Allred (Jan. 2001–2008), Valerie Robinett (2008–2013), Dr. Allan Gee (2013–Jan. of 2018, and Brian Walker (Jan. 2018–Present).

In 1981, Mountain Park Elementary was chosen by the Georgia Council of Teachers of English to receive the Excellence in English Award. The school also has received numerous awards from the American Red Cross for its generous response to people in need. Among other honors earned by students and staff, the school was selected in 1993 as a Georgia School of Excellence.

Students benefit from the school’s participation in the National Elementary Honor Society and programs like Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). In addition, partnerships with community businesses support the school’s work. For example, two grants from Walton EMC totaling $29,000 supported an increased use of technology by providing Chromebooks for students.

The school mascot is a rather friendly-looking cougar, which is in keeping with the feline mascots of other cluster schools. The school sports the Parkview colors of blue and orange.

That cluster and community spirit are hallmarks of Mountain Park Elementary, embraced by students, staff, and parents. The school’s PTA provides cultural arts programs, hosts author visits, funds instructional materials, and provides volunteers to support various programs and activities at the school. That spirit of giving is reciprocated by students and staff who over the years have supported numerous community service projects including: Mountain Park Cougar Food Pantry, Mountain Park Holiday Assistance, Care Team Clothing Sale, Relay For Life, Lilburn Co-operative Ministries, and United Way. The school continues to build on its legacy of success by forging strong relationships with parents, students, staff, and community partners.