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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Seckinger High School

Seckinger High School

Fast Facts


In August of 2022, Seckinger High School proudly opened its doors, distinguishing itself as the nation’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) themed educational institution. The school’s opening ensures that the next generation of students is prepared for a rapidly evolving and innovative technology-focused future.  

Seckinger High, which anchors the Seckinger Cluster, proudly bears the name of one of the longest-serving members of the Gwinnett County Board of Education, Daniel D. Seckinger. After graduating from Eastern Michigan University in 1981 with his degree in Music Education and a minor in English, he worked in education for three years before moving into the construction industry. However, Seckinger’s passion for education persisted. He would spend many years in other educational roles as a youth athletics coach, church worship leader, and six-term board member for one of the nation’s largest and most prestigious school districts.   

During its short time as a part of the district, Seckinger High has already made strides through a number of recognitions. In March 2023, a significant milestone was reached when three members of the literary team secured Seckinger’s first-ever state title at the GHSA Class AAAA State Literary Championships. This historical victory marked a major accomplishment for the team and the school. Seckinger also earned the top award of Most Positive School by Positive Athlete Georgia, recognizing young athletes who have overcome difficult circumstances, given back to their schools and communities significantly, or have an infectious positive attitude that makes everyone around them a better person.

Making “better people” is at the forefront of Seckinger’s mission, “Grow our Community, Building our Brand.” The school is focused on growing its community through an unafraid approach to new technologies and showing students that AI is an important tool and a key skill to their future careers. Students will have the opportunity to explore AI at all interest levels, preparing them for jobs that have not been created yet.  

Further, Seckinger provides a collegiate learning atmosphere where students can excel in academics, athletics, and the arts. To create a more personalized learning environment, students are able to choose an area of concentration in three broad areas: business and leadership, advanced science and technology, and art and design.  

Prior to the school's opening, Memorie Reesman was appointed as its inaugural principal. After a decorated career with the district, Ms. Reesman retired in October 2023, and she was succeeded by Jimmy Fisher.