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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Jones Middle School

Jones MS front

Fast Facts


Glenn C. Jones Middle School is the namesake of a long-time, Gwinnett County educator, Mr. Glenn C. Jones. Mr. Jones graduated from Lawrenceville High School in 1932.  That same year, he started his career educating children at Bethesda School. Mr. Jones moved to Harmony Junior High in 1938 and remained there for 35 years. While at Harmony, he taught a full load of classes, drove the bus, coached basketball, rang the bell for class changes, stoked the coal stoves, began one of the first school lunch programs, and found time to be the principal. His impact on students and their families has been immeasurable, and he continues to provide unending inspiration to the faculty and staff of Glenn C. Jones Middle School where his legacy of helping all children continues every day.

Dr. Richard Holland (left)

Dr. Richard P. Holland was appointed as the first principal of Glenn C. Jones Middle School.  Jones opened its doors to 816 students for the first time on August 9, 2004. Upon arrival, the first “Jones Jaguars” entered their classrooms in the “Woodlands”, “Rainforest”, and “Savanna” hallways.  Just before the school’s opening, Jones held its first summer camp for rising sixth-graders along with weekly tours for community members who were eager to see the new school.

The school’s dedication was held on October 17, 2004. Mr. Jones and his family attended, along with an overwhelming crowd of well-wishers and friends. Attendees filled the cafeteria to pay tribute to this most revered and special educator who had taught or influenced nearly everyone in attendance. During the reception, the school unveiled a tribute to Mrs. Agnes Jones—the dedication of the school’s media center in her honor.

The celebration of education continued with Jones Middle School’s celebration of American Education Week and its first annual community breakfast. Joy Towslee received the school’s first Legacy Award, and Counselor, Loree Stovall received the Spirit Award. Jones continues this tradition by recognizing staff and community supporters with these special awards for their kindness and service each year.

In 2005, Jones Middle welcomed 1,053 students and added the first-of-its-kind Student Leadership Academy. That same year, the school celebrated Mr. Jones’ 95th birthday with a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner meal prepared by the cafeteria staff. Students serenaded Mr. Jones with a rousing version of “Happy Birthday.”

Jones celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014 with a catered dinner that included current and past faculty and staff members, as well as members of the Jones family.

The 2016 school year brought many changes to Jones Middle School! To begin, Jones underwent a redistricting phase, bringing Jones’ enrollment from 1450 to 950 students.  

In March of 2016, Jones Middle School celebrated the retirement of Dr. Richard Holland’s and his 37 years of service in education. Dr. Holland was the principal of JMS for 12 years, and the school honored him by dedicating the fine arts hallway— named “The Richard P. Holland Fine Arts Academy”— as a daily reminder of Dr. Holland’s love and support of the arts.

In June of 2016, Jones welcomed a new principal, Ms. Memorie Reesman. Ms. Reesman is a former middle school teacher, Local School Technology Coordinator, and Associate Principal at Norcross High School. She continues to serve as the proud principal of JMS!

In 2017, Jones revealed new school colors-cardinal, navy, and gold, as well as a new school mascot. Joining the Mill Creek cluster as the “Jones Hawks” has contributed to an atmosphere of school and community spirit!

In 2019, came the announcement of Seckinger High School and the creation of a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-themed cluster. This new high school would relieve the over-crowded Mill Creek High School, with Jones Middle School serving as a feeder school for the new high school. This news sparked a new initiative for Jones Middle School, introducing all of our students to the foundational skills of artificial intelligence, including the use of coding tools and languages, data science, and machine learning.

In May of 2021, the Board of Education tapped Ms. Reesman as the principal of the new Seckinger High School. In July of 2021, Lin Wilkins Thornton was named as the new leader of Jones. With Jones Middle School serving as an integral piece of the new Seckinger cluster, Ms. Thornton and Ms. Reesman teamed up to begin building the culture of the new Seckinger Cluster.

Teaching, learning, and continuous quality improvement remain the essential business of Jones Middle School. During weekly Sacred Planning time, teachers collaborate with a focus on four essential questions: What do we want our students to know and be able to demonstrate? What instructional strategies will we use to teach these skills and concepts? How will we know when students have learned or mastered these skills? What will we do for students who need additional support or enrichment?

The teachers and staff at Jones are committed to pursuing excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behaviors for all students, resulting in measured improvements and readiness for the next levels of learning, including practical preparation for the technologically rich world into which our students will graduate.