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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Norton Elementary School

Principal: Melanie Lee

3050 Xavier Ray Court, Snellville, GA 30039

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School Highlights

The following school highlights showcase how Norton Elementary School is fulfilling Gwinnett County Public School's four strategic priorities of Empathy, Equity, Effectiveness, and Excellence. Visit the School Profile Dashboard to find more detailed data on our school.

  • Norton Elementary School's student council worked diligently to start a food pantry to serve our community members in need. Through ongoing donations and school-wide food drives, the Comets Care Closet has remained stocked and ready to support our families in need. So far, close to 40 families have benefited from the food pantry. We are very excited to continue to offer this resource to the families of Norton and to give back to our community.
  • On February 25, 2023, a team of 10 students in grades 4 and 5 traveled to Peachtree Ridge High School to participate at the Readers Rally Competition with coaches, Allison Luton, Debbie Moeller, and Scharletta Jones.
  • Norton Elementary School Robotics Club participated in the annual FLL (First Lego League) Competition. The club explores the world of robotics and inspires students in this rapidly advancing field. This year's theme was "Superpowered", where teams innovated for a better energy future. Norton's Robotics team reached the Super Regional level and won first place in their division for the Hydropower generator project. A great year for the Robotics Club!
  • Norton Elementary School Implemented Gwinnett County Schools’ vision “Computer for All” initiative. Our school took the students on a journey to discover the exciting world of technology and coding. Classes focused on fostering problem-solving, logical thinking and creativity through hands-on activities. There was an emphasis on empowering students in becoming digital creators and developing essential skills needed for the future. The highlights of this year were introduction to coding through interactive games, hands-on projects with block-based programming, robotics exploration with programmable robots, basic computer hardware and software knowledge, collaborative problem-solving activities, as well as internet safety and responsible digital citizenship.
  • Fifth grade students that have shown an interest in music and singing have the opportunity to audition for the County-Wide Fifth Grade Honors Chorus. Elementary students from across the county come together in March to perform songs at Central Gwinnett High School. They work with clinicians to practice and perfect the music they have learned with their teachers the previous months. Students rehearse all day and then perform that afternoon for parents, teachers, and stakeholders within the community. Lailah Daniels and Aresama Getachew represented Norton in this year’s 5th Grade Honors Chorus.
  • There were 25 students in grades 3-5 that came together and shared a love of music and learned more advanced musical concepts this year in music club. During club meetings, students sing, play instruments, and move to various genres of music. They also have input into songs for performances and practice for their performance in the school’s Winter Concert and Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony.
  • We are one of eight schools in Gwinnett County Public Schools that offers Pre-Kindergarten to students in our community. We have two Pre-Kindergarten classes with a teacher, a paraprofessional, and 16 students in each classroom. The students are at school for a full day of teaching and learning aligned to state standards. Offering this educational experience to our Pre-Kindergarten students has better prepared them to enter Kindergarten.
  • Our Sign Language Choir consists of fourth and fifth grade students who exhibit an interest in communication through sign language as well as demonstrate excellent behavior in the classroom. The choir is formed at the beginning of the school year and meets regularly after school to practice and perform at various school and community events throughout the year. The students learn American Sign Language and will be able to sign between 300 to 500 words at the conclusion of the school year.
  • We continue to make great strides with our PBIS program. Our teachers use PBIS lessons to explain and model how students can be ready, respectful, and responsible. The lessons are taught at the beginning of and immediately following breaks. Students are able to earn PBIS Gotcha Cards when they are showing the 3R's. The Gotcha Cards are used at the PBIS Store to purchase prizes, treats, or admission into a celebration. There are also class Gotcha Cards that are used to recognize an entire class during specials, in the media center, hall, or cafeteria. Golden Gotcha Cards are given by administrators and are submitted for a monthly raffle. The raffle winners from each grade receive a call home and treat bag. Recently, the PBIS Committee held a popcorn fundraiser to support our PBIS program. With the help of students, parents, and our community the PBIS program was able to raise $4,719 to support future activities.
  • Norton Elementary School participates in the annual GCPS Tapestry Art Event. In the spring of each year, artwork is chosen to be displayed at the Instructional Support Center in Suwanee, GA. This is a great opportunity for artistic talent to be showcased and viewed by the public. Family and friends are invited to come see the artwork while it is on display for one week. Students from Norton who have their artwork chosen to be displayed can see their art along with artwork from other schools in Gwinnett County. This year, we had 26 students to showcase their work. There were 2 Kindergarten students (Phillip McGaughey and Dylan Fonseca), 4 First Grade students (Abisola Raheem, Efrata Mikaeil, Mia Alvarado-Montalvo, and Gabriel Dorley), 3 Second Grade students (Wednesday Roberts, Ka'Leigh Nunn, and Chase Jennings), 6 Third Grade students (Amiya White, Moriah Dalger, Ayoola Raheem, Alexa Pichardo-Sosa, Jeremiah Francois, and Jeremy Norman) 4 Fourth Grade students (Alyssa Cyr, Joselyn Wells, Joy Winfield, and Selam Bayuh) and 7 Fifth Grade students (Deborah Gutema, Yuw'Mie Love, Sotheavie Nin, Ja'kilah Chatman, Deja Poteat, Lily Rose Jones, and Oluwasola Oyelowo) who displayed artwork.

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