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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Taylor Elementary School

Principal: Tawanda Sanks

600 Taylor School Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

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School Highlights

The following school highlights showcase how Taylor Elementary School is fulfilling Gwinnett County Public School's four strategic priorities of Empathy, Equity, Effectiveness, and Excellence. Visit the School Profile Dashboard to find more detailed data on our school.

  • According to our Spring GCPS Educational Effectiveness Survey/staff data, 96.4% of our staff members feel there is a consistent vision of school improvement throughout this district. This data reflects our school stakeholder’s supporting reaching and teaching every student, staff member, and family with empathy.
  • Taylor Elementary has implemented a school-wide PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) initiative this school year. PBIS expectations are visible throughout the school building and reviewed daily. Expectations are posted for specific locations. Students and staff are knowledgeable of and take pride in the Taylor Way. Lessons are taught at the beginning of the year and throughout the year. Lessons are easily accessible to teachers at any time of the year using the NearPod system and can be taught and revisited as needed. Social stories were created for the Special Education department to differentiate the expectations. PBIS culture is evident, and our students are thriving.
  • Taylor Elementary, with support from the county, has implemented a full MTSS(Multi-Tiered Student Support) system in which students receive specific tiered instruction to meet their needs specifically. Students consistently have opportunities for remediation and enrichment based on their individual needs during our daily scheduled Eagle Time. Qualifying students receive more intensive Tier II and Tier III Interventions in addition to the classroom teacher's small group instruction daily. Staff was trained by district and school personnel on how to implement specific intervention programs for students who qualified.
  • Taylor Elementary has committed to the county’s vision for each and every student to represent the profile of a successful graduate and embody The Portrait of a Graduate. Our school has provided training for our teachers and studies on the six competencies of a graduate. It has made this commitment in the presence of our superintendent and other district leads. Upon visiting Taylor, a beautiful mural is displayed in our common areas to remind all stakeholders of the “North Star” that directs us to our Blueprint for the Future.
  • With a drive for students to consistently be exposed to STEM, STEAM, and thinking skills, Taylor has dedicated Fridays for all students to have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities and Project Based instruction. Taylor believes in our students being prepared for the future by becoming critical thinkers, collaborators, and problem solvers.
  • Opportunity and Readiness: Currently, 20 students are being served in the Play2Learn program at Taylor ES. Play2Learn offers two weekly sessions to support family members in becoming their child’s best first teacher. Play2Learn is a program for young children ages birth to 5. Children and their parents are learning to teach their young, and their young are learning through play.
  • To celebrate the diversity of our students and staff, Taylor ES celebrates February: Black History Month, March: Women’s History Month, May: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, September: Hispanic Heritage Month, and November: Native American Heritage Month, to name a few. We have a community culminating celebration, known as our International Night, where families celebrate their native lands, beautiful custom attire, and authentic foods.
  • In the 23-24 school year, Taylor ES will be able to increase the support for families through a Parent Liaison Center. We look forward to providing our families with a world-class experience as they join the Taylor Eagle Family. For our new families, the onboarding/Orientation/Walk-through, when they register, will include them receiving ways they can support the school and how Taylor will succeed in empowering their journey to be a successful product of Gwinnett County Public Schools. Communication to all stakeholders will include, and are not limited to, digital newsletters and digital displays, all translated into different languages. Parent workshops, volunteer opportunities, and access to their student’s data through detailed training on using the Parent/Student Portal will all be effective ways to be Bridge Builders in our school community.
  • Taylor Elementary School was recognized by the Gwinnett County Public School system with the Bridge Builder award in the last school year. This is awarded to schools building the bridge from empathy to excellence by meeting the needs of all of its students and families.
  • This school year 2022-23, Taylor Elementary had over 70% of K-2 students qualify for gifted education services. These students were provided the opportunity to participate in STEM and enrichment curricula weekly.

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