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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Language Arts and Literacy - Secondary Education

Reading and writing are equally vital components of effective communication. The Office of Language Arts endeavors to ensure that all students in Gwinnett County Public Schools will graduate as analytical readers, writers, and communicators of language. Strong reading and writing skills will become increasingly more critical in the twenty-first century as businesses look for employees who are well-read in their fields and are effective communicators of both oral and written communication.

To accomplish our instructional goals, we adhere to the following literacy principles. These principles provide a focus for our teachers as they determine the appropriate instructional methods, strategies, and materials to best meet the needs of all our learners.

  • Learning to read and write is a complex, multifaceted process.
  • Reading and writing are all about experiencing language, not merely practicing isolated skills.
  • Reading and writing are interconnected forms of communication that emerge from listening and speaking.
  • Teachers need to incorporate a wide variety of instructional strategies to teach each and every student.
  • Reading and writing acquisition occurs along a developmental continuum of stages.
  • Knowing where the learner is along the developmental continuum enables teachers to evaluate, plan, and teach appropriately.
  • Students should be immersed in a print-rich environment.
  • Reading and writing to, with, and by students should be daily events.
  • Students should have the opportunity to read self-selected materials and write on self-selected topics daily.
  • Reading and writing should be meaningful and integrated into all content areas.
  • Teaching reading and writing is the responsibility of all teachers- not just language arts teachers.

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