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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Social Studies - Secondary Education

There will always be differing perspectives…the goal of knowledgeable, thinking, and active citizens, however, is universal.

~ College, Career and Civic Life C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards

In Gwinnett County Public Schools, the 6-12 Social Studies program is designed to prepare students to participate as constructive citizens in a democratic society.  Student mastery of Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) is achieved through meaningful, relevant social studies instruction.  Students develop a strong understanding of themselves and their role and responsibilities in society through the portrait of a graduate competencies of adaptability, collaborative leadership, communication, critical thinking, empathy, and resourcefulness.  Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to understand a rapidly changing world. In the 6-12 social studies program, we believe in equitable social studies classrooms that help each and every student become “…aware of their changing cultural and physical environments; know the past; read, write, and think deeply; and act in ways that promote the common good” (National Council for the Social Studies, C3 Framework).


Shirelle Tubbs


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Wendy K. Duncan

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