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  • Why Take Driver's Education?

    Every year 1 out of every 9 licensed drivers will have a collision. In a collaborative effort to ensure that new drivers are well educated and well prepared, educators, students and parents are supporting the step-by-step experience building process in becoming safe drivers. One step of that process is driver education.

    In addition to basic driving skills, students discuss the effects of alcohol and drugs on drivers, distractions while driving, assessing and managing driving risk and consequences of choices you make as a driver and passenger.

    All these skills and knowledge are reinforced with the actual driving time, observations and use of simulators.  Driver education is not just the business of driving a car, but how to be a safe and responsible driver that is capable of making life saving decisions.

    The Gwinnett program include:

    • 30 hours of classroom instruction
    • 6 hours of driving time
    • 6 hours of observation

    During the twelve hours of driving and observation, the instructor documents exactly the experience each student receives on various highways, interstate, parking etc.


    Joshua's Law 

    In 2005 the General Assembly passed Senate 226 also known as Joshua's Law.  Effective January 1, 2007 all 16 year olds that apply for a class D license must complete an approved driver education course and 40 hours of supervised driving with 6 of those hours at night. If this requirement is not met, the student must wait until he or she is 17 years old.

    The new driving laws encourage parents to take an active role in their children's driver education.


    Do you need additional driving time?

    Are you seeking additional Driving time?  Berkmar Community School offers the "Behind the Wheel" program for additional supervised driving time.

    PLEASE CALL 770-806-3730 for more information

    It is the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation for the student to and from driving appointments.  The student will be contacted by a Berkmar Driver Ed Instructor to arrange driving dates and times.  The telephone number for Berkmar Community School is 770-806-3730.  

    The Community School’s liability insurance follows the car and provides the maximum coverage possible ($500,000/person/accident/property).  Parents and/or guardians of students who operate a Gwinnett County Public Schools’ driver’s education vehicle may incur personal liability in some driver-at-fault accidents.  Each instructor is certified by the DDS.  Berkmar Community School is licensed by the DDS in accordance with Title 43-13-1.


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    Important Information Regarding Drivers Education and COVID-19 : Link to DDS   June Drivers Ed Classes Are Cancelled At This Time.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Regardless of how you make payment, the Driver's Education contract (see below) and a copy of your learner's permit are required before class begins. Driver's Education contracts CAN NOT be mailed, faxed or emailed. The Driver Education Contract and a copy of your learner's permit ARE necessary to attend the class. 


    Online: My Payment Plus 

    Each session includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours driving, and 6 hours of driving observation.  The cost is $345 and students can apply for a scholarship through the Georgia Driver's Education Commission.

    To register please fill out the Driver’s Ed Contract on the community school website and email the form or bring it up to the school. Payments are to be made by credit card over the phone or with a check and brought to Berkmar."