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  • The mission of the Gwinnett Online Campus Counseling Department is to remove the barriers to learning by educating the whole child, serving their academic, personal, social and emotional needs. School counselors address the academic and developmental needs of students by advising individual students and their families and teaching academic, social, and career skills.

    Gwinnett Online Campus has eight professional school counselors who deliver a comprehensive school-counseling program for all students in 4th-12th grades and the Graduate Gwinnett Program. Be sure to check in often to see tips on topics such as Organization the GOC Way, Applying to College, Carnegie Credits in Middle School, and How to Monitor Your Student’s Progress

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  •  Grades 4 - 6

    Dana Edwards

    Dr. Dana Edwards

    Lead ES/MS Counselor


    Office:  770-326-8036

    Cell: 770-608-6631



  •  Grade 8


    Barbara Santiago-Fecht

    Barbara Santiago-Fecht


    Office: 678-245-5464

    Cell: 470-628-7763

  • High School Last Names: G - J

    Rachel Capaldi

    Rachel Capaldi


    Office: 678-245-5466

    Cell: 470-628-7767


  • High School Last Names: R - Z

    Jessica Pompilus

    Jessica Pompilus


    Office: 678-245-5465

    Cell: 470-628-7764

  • Grade 7

    Nikki Johnson

    Nikita Johnson


    Office:  770-453-2070

    Cell: 678-591-8691


  • High School Last Names: A - F and Dual Enrollment

    Dwight Jackson

    Dwight Jackson


    Office: 770-453-2075

    Cell: 470-628-7762

  • High School Last Names: K - Q

    Kari Wislar

    Kari Wislar

    Head Counselor


    Office:  770-453-2058

    Cell: 470-217-0707

  • Graduate Gwinnett

    Alison Cunningham

    Alison Cunningham


    Office:  770-447-2697

    Cell: 678-920-3376

Meet Your Advisement Team

  • High School Counseling Services

    GOC’s high school counseling program seeks to provide services that enhance the development of the whole person as well as address the transitional issues of a rapidly growing community. Specific services include skill building for each grade level,  a mentoring program, and four counselors split alphabetically grades 9-12.

    The counseling program is based upon the belief that all students have inherent, immeasurable worth and unlimited potential. Each student can learn anything that he or she chooses to learn. In addition, students have choices and are responsible for the consequences of those choices. Students are encouraged and assisted in fulfilling their potential and meeting their educational goals in four realms - personal, social/emotional, vocational, and academic. Our program is designed to enhance this process.

    The overall goal of the counseling program is to provide services which allow students:

    • To adjust to school expectations in an effective manner
    • To enhance success in the classroom
    • To make informed career decisions
    • To understand developmental needs
    • To utilize decision making and problem solving skills for coping with life’s demands

    In fulfilling these goals, counselors work collaboratively with students as well as parents, teachers, and administrators to plan programs and deliver information critical to the success of each and every student.

    The high school counselors meet regularly with the teachers to discuss student progress and help maximize student success. Mr. Dwight Jackson works with alphabet last names A - F, Ms. Rachel Capaldi G - J, Ms. Kari Wislar K - P, and Ms. Jessica Pompilus R - Z. Ms. Alison Cunningham works with all students in the Graduate Gwinnett Program.

    Middle Grades Counseling Services

    Dr. Dana Edwards is the counselor for students in 6th grade, Ms. Nikita Johnson is the counselor for students in 7th grade, and Ms. Barbara Santiago is the counselor for students in 8th grade. Our middle grades counselors meet with students and parents to discuss academic, personal, and social/emotional concerns. They teach lessons in the classroom (face-to-face and online) on topics such as how to be successful at GOC, social media dangers, online etiquette, peer relationships, career exploration, personal safety (Teen Lures), and the skills critical for healthy social-emotional development and academic success.

    Dr. Edwards also leads small counseling groups on topics such as worry management, social skills, and peer relations. She also meets twice a month with the middle grades teachers to discuss the progress of each student and makes the course schedules for students. You can stay informed about these counseling services and lessons by following her blog, http://gocounseling.wordpress.com.

    4th and 5th Grades Counseling Services

    Dr. Edwards is also the counselor for students in the 4th and 5th grades. She meets with students and families to discuss their academic and developmental needs and teaches classroom and small group lessons on career exploration, personal safety (Child Lures), worry management, and the skills critical for healthy social-emotional development and academic success. She also leads weekly classroom meetings with the students to teach empathy, self-awareness, and conflict management skills.

    You can stay informed about these counseling services and lessons by following her blog, http://gocounseling.wordpress.com.

    Counseling Services for Graduate Gwinnett Students

    Alison Cunningham, M.Ed. is the counselor for students in the Graduate Gwinnett Program. The Graduate Gwinnett Program is an innovative approach offering flexibility for students to complete the required course work for graduation. Students enter a unique and individualized online learning environment with face-to-face support as needed.

    Ms. Cunningham meets with students and advises them on the courses needed to graduate. She assists with orientation and provides on-going counseling and referral services to help students graduate in December and May each year. 

Counseling Confidentiality

  • What is considered confidential? All information except:

    • drug use including alcohol
    • pregnancy
    • sexual or physical abuse
    • or that you may harm yourself or someone else