Sports Medicine

  • Are you interested in a career as a Physician, Certified Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, or Sports Psychologist just to name a few professions under the Sports Medicine umbrella?

    Grayson Tech Sports Medicine pathway offers high school students a unique opportunity to receive valuable educational experience in the classroom, hands-on learning, and the opportunity to work side by side with Sports Medicine professionals during internships.

    Sports Medicine is one of the fastest-growing health fields and is projected to grow 21 percent faster as compared to other professions alike. You’ll be motivated and encouraged by helping people maintain a healthy and successful lifestyle and getting patients back to what they love to do. Sports medicine encompasses a broad range of settings such as clinical settings, industrial, military, secondary schools, collegiate sports, student-health outreach services, professional sports, and specialized settings such as dance, Broadway, etc. In addition, careers in sports medicine include physicians, physician assistant, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, athletic trainers, and chiropractors.

    The Sports Medicine Program focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, education, evaluation, and therapeutic treatment of exercise, physical, general, and or sports-related injuries. This program offers you the opportunity to play a key role in people’s lives with the unique ability to teach and inspire them to maintain a healthy life status. You will learn a team-work approach to managing injuries and or medical conditions with other health professionals in the medical field.

    You will learn the various Modality methods—ultrasound, ice, heat, stretching, rehabilitation, and electrical muscle stimulation as well as simple manual methods such as massage. Also, labs are offered throughout the semester to give students hands-on experience and base clinical skills for injury recognition, treatment, and care. Students will also receive and complete a professional rescuer course for the American Heart Association and learn basic emergency care methods. In addition, the Grayson Technical Program offers an off-site shadowing experience to each student in a respective field of sports medicine. Each internship is specifically designed to intrigue the student and give the student an opportunity to learn and observe valuable information about their interests. Learning and observing real-world experiences is important and serves as a key foundation with Grayson High School Sports Medicine Program.

    With the hands-on education and training in the Sports Medicine Program, you will study a solid foundation of base material including an array of Sciences including Biology, Chemistry, and comprehensive human anatomy including muscular and skeletal components. With this knowledge, you’ll be advantaged and prepared to start and enter a program of study with sports medicine and pursue a career in the field of sports medicine.

    This course will fulfill the fourth year science requirement toward graduation. The Sports Medicine Program also offers the Move on When Ready Program, which gives students an opportunity to earn eight college credits for free.

Students performing CPR on a manequin
  • Colleges and Universities

    • Valdosta State University
    • North Georgia College
    • University of Georgia
    • Georgia College and State University
    • Georgia Southern

  • Careers

    • Physical Therapist
    • Physician Assistant
    • Athletic Trainer
    • Orthopedic Surgeon
    • Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

  • Daily Activities

    • Clinical Injury Recognition
    • Modality Use
    • Massage Techniques
    • Rehabilitation and Exercise therapy
    • Nutrition Management
    • Continuing Education
    • And much more!

  • Skills Learned

    • Injury Recognition and Epidemiology
    • Joint Taping, wrapping and Stretching Methods
    • Modality Methods
    • Body Systems
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Exercise Physiology

Students wrapping an arm injury with gauze and tape