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  • Parent Portal Trouble

    What to do if I:

    • Already have an an account and just need to login.
    • Need to register for an account because I have NEVER had one (if you have an account for a child at another GCPS school, this is not for you).
    • Need to change the email address on my account.
    • Have an account, but cannot log in!
      • Please go to the Parent Portal website
      • Enter your email address
      • Select FORGOT PASSWORD
        • You will receive an email from GO2 with a temporary password.
        • Copy and paste this password into the password field on the Parent Portal website.
        • Once in, go to account settings and change the password to what you wish.
    • Can log into my account, but do not see my student(s)' information.
      • Please call 678-407-7715 and ask Mr. Deal to resend a token number.
        • *Please note: Token emails are only sent once a week on Fridays.*

  • Parking/Car Rider Info

    Please Read Each Item Carefully

    You Don't Want to Miss Out on a Parking Spot

    Are you interested in student parking?  If you are a student interested in parking on campus  you must meet the following criteria and follow the directions below: 

    • Be at least 16 years old with a valid driver's license.
    • Have valid and current insurance.
    • Log onto MyPaymentsPlus to sign up and make your payment.
    • You may only pay by MyPaymentsPlus  
      • No other forms of payment will be accepted.  
      • The cost is $75.00.

    Reasons that you could be denied a permit are:

    • Lack of insurance
    • Incorrect age of driver, and/or
    • Missing documentation.  

    In order to receive a parking permit, you must show Drivers License AND proof of insurance.

    Payments can be made online via MyPaymentsPlus   Once you have received a parking decal, you will be assigned to a specific parking lot.  Students are not allowed to swap, sell or trade spots.  Doing so can result in losing your parking permit for the year. Parking spots in each lot are assigned. Visit the Parking section of the Archer Agenda Book for additional details. 


    If you are parked illegally, your vehicle can be towed.

    If you have been tardy to 1st period 5 times in a semester, your parking permit can be revoked for a period of one week.  

    Additional tardies to 1st period will result in additional time that a student will lose their parking privileges.

    Car Riders

    Students who are car riders may only be dropped off and picked up in the student parking lot off Callie Still Road. This applies for both mornings and afternoons. Students may only be dropped off along the curb near the student entrance and drivers are encouraged to pull all the way forward up the hill. Dropping students off anywhere else on campus is forbidden.

  • My Payments Plus

    Click Here for My Payments Plus

    My Payments Plus can be used for - 

    • Student cafeteria balances and purchase history
    • Prepayments for breakfast/lunch, with auto-pay capability
    • Low balance e-mail reminders
    • AP exam registration and payment
    • Online open house and orientation
    • Summer school registration and payment
    • Other fees and activities such as yearbooks, uniforms, field trips and more!

    Create a My Payments Plus account

    Create a My Payments Plus Account - Spanish

    Video: How to set-up a MPP account (for parents)

    Video: How to review signed documents in MPP

  • PTSA Info

    Visit the PTSA Webpage


  • Senior Info

    Senior 2021 Logo

    Senior Page

  • Certificate of Enrollment


    Pay for certificate of enrollment on MyPaymentsPlus. under school fees. Certificate of enrollment will be ready for student pick-up in Main office 48 hours after payment has been processed.

  • Work Permit Info

    Visit the Work Permit page

  • SAT/ACT Prep Courses

    SAT/ACT Prep Courses from Archer Community School

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Education Tips for Parents

  • Teacher with students and opened booksAs a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher, and the learning you do together doesn't stop when children head off to school. Click on the links below for ways to be an active part of your child's education.