• Message From Our Principal

    Dr. Mozley

    Dr. Mozley, Principal 

  • Coleman Middle School was the first middle school in the state to earn school-wide STEAM certification through the GA State Department of Education. We take our mission and vision very seriously as we are committed to preparing our students for next generation college and career. Our vision is to become a student-focused community which promotes life-long learning and real-world problem solving through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in a global learning community.

  • Why STEM or STEAM? In education we continuously discuss relevance, real-world application, student engagement, and of course student achievement. Coleman Middle has trend data to suggest that our STEAM approach, which is mainly executed through Project and Problem-Based Learning, has led to high levels of both student achievement and student engagement. Students find the relevance in the AKS as our PBL units are grounded in real-world problems centered on power AKS standards. Our students are engaged throughout the quarterly units because they can empathize with the real-world problem and communicate the significance of finding a solution. Finally, Coleman Middle School students are able to express their creativity through the use of design elements and principles throughout the project design process.