• We look forward to working with you to enroll your student at

    South Gwinnett High School.

    Please note, your student will not be enrolled or assigned a schedule until ALL required documents are received.

    School Registrar: Griselle Ortiz/Email @ Griselle.Ortiz@gcpsk12.org   Phone: 770-736-4330/Fax for Records: 770-736-4329

  • Virtual Registration process:

    1. Check the link of the required documents needed to enroll your student.  Review Registration Check List

    2. Link to GCPS Online Enrollment

    3. Upload all necessary documents before submitting the application.

    4. If you can not scan and upload the required documents in the OLR, you can fax the documents to (770)736-4329 , provided you write the student's name on each document, to the attention of the REGISTRAR. You must still complete the entire OLR process.

    5. Once the Registrar receives the necessary paperwork and is able to print the On Line Registration forms, she will proceed with the enrollment.

  • Links to documents referenced in the Registration Check List:

    1.  Georgia Health Dept. Immunization Form #3231 from your child's doctor or the Health Department. **Click here for more details.

    3.  Georgia Health Dept. Health Record Form #3300.

    4.  Residency Affidavits are only valid for 1 school year.  If the Residency Affidavit we have on record has expired, please print this new one, complete it, and have it notarized.