• Dual Enrollment
  • What is Dual Enrollment?

    The Dual Enrollment program is an opportunity for qualified high schools tudents to earn college credits. The student is “dually” enrolled in high school and in college. The student can be a full time or part time college student. The student earns college credits as well as high school credits needed for graduation.

  • How do college credit hours convert?

    • 1 - 2 college credit hour(s) = .50 HS credit.
    • Science labs will receive .50 HS credit and will count toward elective credit.
    • 3 - 5 college credit hours = 1.0 HS credit.
    • Students who complete their high school graduation credit requirements early will no longer be eligible to participate in dual enrollment…they will be high school graduates!

  • How does grading work?

    • Colleges usually provide letter grades. The high school will transcribe the letter grade to the midpoint of the HS grading
      • A = 95
      • B = 85
      • C = 77
      • D = 72
      • F = 55
    • All DE classes are included on the high school transcript.
    • Failure in a college class, may jeopardize one’s high school graduation!
    • Withdrawal from a course may result in an F on the high school transcript.
    • No points are added to the final grade.

  • Who can I contact for more information about Dual Enrollment at DHS?

    Beginning on July 26, 2021 you may contact Ms. Mary Catherine Cunningham. For questions prior to that date, please contact the Duluth High School Counseling Office at 770-232-3322.

  • I'm interested! What do I need to do next?

    1. Attend a DHS Parent/Student Informational Meeting
    2. Participate in an advisement session with your counselor.
    3. Apply to the college/university of your choice.
      1. You are responsible for following the college’s application procedures and meeting all deadlines.
      2. Local colleges include Georgia State “Perimeter” campuses in Dunwoody and Alpharetta (GSU), Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) and Gwinnett Technical College (GTC).
    4. After receiving your college acceptance, YOU and YOUR PARENT(S) will need to meet with your assigned DE counselor, complete a DE Student Participation Agreement, and a DHS DE Contract by April 15th (March 1st–Summer) as well as attend a DE college orientation and obtain textbooks.
    5. Complete the Dual Enrollment Funding Application at the Georgia Futures website.
    6. At the end of each semester ensure your college transcript is sent to your DE counselor.
      1. NOTE: DE Student Participation Agreement completion and meeting with your DE counselor must be done each semester (parents not required)!

  • The Dual Enrollment (DE) program allows a current high school student to earn college credit while still in high school. The program is relatively free and provides the opportunity for current high school students to start college early while completing their high school requirements. For the most up to date information from the Georgia DOE, please visit the Department of Education website.

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