• Health and Safety Information

    The safety of GSMST students and staff is the most important responsibility we have each day.  Whether we are carrying out an emergency drill, enforcing a school safety procedure, or providing communication about a current health or safety event, we know how important each child is to each family.  If you have questions about any current situation, feel free to email us [GSMST.Questions@gcpsk12.org] or call the school for additional information.

    As a school in GCPS, GSMST follows the same guidance and protocols given to the other 140 schools with respect to district health and safety issues and concerns.  Below, you will find links to specific resources on the district website.  You can support your child and our school by reading through the information available and stressing some basic practices such as regular hand washing and not attending school with a fever.

    GCPS Health and Wellness Resources -- comprehensive landing page housing links to a variety of health information including COVID

    Current COVID-19 Guidelines in GCPS -- comprehensive landing page housing links to informational topics to help families throughout the 2021-22 current school year

    Georgia Department of Public Health