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  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

    Due to the current situation, we will not be using BYOD forms this year because all students already have BYOD turned on for them.

    The BYOD policy is covered in the GCPS Student/Parent Handbook (page 24 of the handbook) along with the Responsible Use of Technology and Electronic Media for Students policy.

    Students will need to follow these directions for connecting to the GCPS Mobile network on their personal device. (We should never use GCPS Guest.)



    If you would like to use the form for your own records so you can keep track of the devices coming and going, here is the form.

  • Computers & Electronic Devices: Cleaning/Sanitizing Guidelines

    • Computers & electronic devices should be cleaned and sanitized before a student uses the device.
    • It is strongly recommended by manufacturers that any cleaning agent be applied by wipe\towel, not sprayed on then wiped off.
    • The current recommended solution for cleaning and sanitizing computers is the Food Contact Sanitizer Quat. Quat is currently being provided to each classroom and should be applied using a wipe\paper towel and be disposed of immediately after cleaning is performed. Gloves are recommended if available but not required.
    • Please make sure that the wipe\towel is not saturated and dripping the solution as this could create an electrical shortage of the device if the solution were to leak into its circuitry.
  • Daily Tech Items

    To help minimize issues, please do the following DAILY:

    1) ALWAYS connect using your network cable (hardwire). 

    Please try to avoid being wireless unless you have to for meetings. Tech issues are often amplified when on wireless. 

    2) EVERY afternoon BEFORE leaving, please restart your computer (still connected with the network cable). Our computers are old and need to get important updates. Doing a fresh restart each night (while hardwired) will help decrease issues.

    To restart, please follow these steps:

    Power > Restart

  • Digital Books & Online Research Library

    Parents are asking for digital books for students to read online. What can I suggest?

    Thank you to Shann Griffith and Sarah Ball for creating some of these helpful resources.

  • Digital Textbook - McGraw Hill

    We are hearing some concerns about students’ ability to log in to some resources, and specifically some of the McGraw Hill online content (see link for list of resources).

    This may be due to the incompatibility of their device with the platform.

    Minimum requirements for devices using these resources:
    1024x768 resolution
    9.5” display screen

    If students report an issue with one of these resources, teachers should test the student's access (using the student's username/password) on a GCPS laptop to determine if the student device may be the issue.

  • Split Screen Directions

    Splitting your screen allows you to view and work on different items at the same time. Example: You need to see your class list in your grade book while also typing on a Google Doc

    Split screen may also be useful for students as they work on items but also need to see your live lesson or Google slides presentation.

    For Windows 10 (teacher & student laptops): Video    How-To

    For Chromebooks (Thank you to Katie N for this split screen shortcut tip!!!): Alt key + [   (bracket key)

    Multitask with Windows & Tabs on Chromebooks

    Additional Chromebook Shortcuts

    Chromebook Simulator

  • Supported Device/Browser Information

    The following information has been placed on our school's eCLASS page, the Head ES website, and posted on Facebook. However, please share it with your parents if needed.
    We have found that some items (video note, activity feed, etc...) are not working when using Microsoft Edge. For now, the preferred browser is Google Chrome for anything related to D2L/eCLASS.

  • Technical Difficulties Sign

    Here’s a great idea from the Tech Team at Craig ES!

    In case one of your teammates runs into problems, anyone with access to your Google Classroom can post on your stream. For a quick message to inform students & parents that a teammate is having technical difficulties, click on this link to save a copy of this sign to your Google My Drive.

    This can be posted to a teammate's eCLASS page and Google Classroom in the event of problems. 

  • VPN

    FortiClient VPN - Connecting To The School’s Network from Home

    Accessing resources like IBM Notes (Lotus Notes Databases) and your H: drive from home requires you to connect to the school’s network via VPN. Before attempting to use VPN, please make sure you are connected to your WiFi network first.



    Having issues? Don't see the FortiClient icon on your computer? Please submit a tech ticket and our TST will assist you.