Procedures and Practice for Facility Rental to Communities Establishing a New Church

    CHURCH RENTAL (Rental is limited to one year)

    The following list of items must be satisfied prior to rental of school facilities by a church:

    1. A written request which includes when the church was orgainzed.
    2. A timeline or time frame for occupying the churche's own facility beginning with the organization of the church.
    3. Number of members in the church.
    4. Proposed budget.
    5. The request must validate that the property for the proposed facility has been purchased by copy of the deed or bill of sale.
    6. The facility rental contract must be signed by the agent for the curch, and the contract amount must be paid in advance. 
    7. The local school community school director is responsible for initiating and completing the contract rentl agreemnt. 
    8. Proof of general liability commercial insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 must be presented.
    9. Church must have an office in Gwinnett County.
    10. No permanent signs are allowed on campus.  Real estate-type signs or sandwich board signs may be used.  They may be locatted on campus no earlier the Friday after school hours and removed by Sunday evening.
    11. Gwinnett County Public School system is a tobacco and alcohol free facility.