• Driver's Education Program
    Community School


  • Driver's Ed (30 hours of classroom learning/6 hours of behind the wheel driving):


    30 hours of classroom learning will take place at the school. The driving time will be scheduled after the student completes classroom learning. Our driving times are scheduled on a first response basis and will be booked according to the availability of the student and instructor. We strive to help our students complete their driving time within 120 days of passing their final exam. Students must have their learner's permit upon enrollment and have logged at least 20 hours of driving time with a parent/guardian.

    Register on MyPaymentsPlus (MPP) today! See the steps to register at the bottom of this page!!

    Along with registering online, you must also complete the following forms and turn them into Ms. Her. You can email or drop off completed forms at the front office at Peachtree Ridge High School. 

    Forms Needed:

    1. Driver's Ed contract
    2. Parent Student Safety Contract
    3. Copy of registration of payment (MPP receipt or confirmation email)
    4. Copy of learner's permit
    5. Student Availability Form

    Download the forms below:

    Driver's Ed Contract

    Parent Student Safety Contract

    Student Availability


    Contact: sunshine.her@gcpsk12.org or call 678-512-6041



    ONLINE 30 hours of classroom learning:

    Online Driver's Education Class - $65.00 (30 hours online with modules) 

    Our online Driver's Ed class is available for any student and meets the requirements of Joshua's Law.

    Register and pay for the online class: http://peachtreeridge.learn-to-drive-safely.com/

    Remember students should not speed through the online modules. They will need to log 30 hours online through the program in order to be eligible to take the Final Exam. Certificates of completion will be emailed within 2 business days of passing the final exam. There is no way to expedite the process. Please plan accordingly to complete the program 4-5 days before the driver's license test. 

    6 Hours of Behind the Wheel Training (BTW): 

    BTW Training is currently on HOLD. No available dates until late Fall 2022. 

    Register today on MyPaymentsPlus (MPP) under Peachtree Ridge Community School.

    Our driving times are scheduled on a first response basis. 

    To complete your registration please email the following completed forms to Sunshine.Her@gcpsk12.org

    1. 6 hours BTW contract
    2. Parent Student Safety Contract
    3. Copy of registration of payment (MPP receipt or confirmation email)
    4. Copy of learner's permit
    5. Copy of Certificate of Completion for 30 hours of Online Drivers Ed
    6. Student Availability Form

    Once you register, you will receive an email confirming your registration. As long as we have received all of the forms needed, we will pass your driving sheet along to an instructor. 

    Download the forms below:

    6 hours BTW contract

    Parent Student Safety Contract

    Student Availability Form


    Contact: sunshine.her@gcpsk12.org or call 678-512-6041


    Steps to register on MPP:

    1. Log-in
    2. Click on Events & Activities
    3. Click on Community School
    4. Select Peachtree Ridge Community School
    5. You should see the 2 options for the Driver's Ed classes. 
      • Full Class (30 hours classroom and 6 hours of driving for $345.00)
      • Behind the Wheel (ONLY DRIVING PORTION - 6 hours for $280.00)
    6. Add to the Cart and proceed to checkout to finalize your registration.
    7. Email required documents to Ms. Her at sunshine.her@gcpsk12.org